1. I recommend finishing Heartstopper volume 3 -> This Winter -> Solitaire.

  2. This quote is gonna be in my mind forever - & yes I absolutely agree !

  3. I think internet friends (long term) takes a while. Yes, mostly extraverts talk to someone 2 times and give them the title ‘friend’ but if you have the patience to talk with someone for quite some time you really get to know them and notice if you would still be vibing with each other in a month or so. I myself am not big of a talker with people I barely know, but I’ve learned that it’s always great to get to know each other by asking questions (not in a interrogation way lol) - eventually you’ll come to a subject which you guys share and that’s where the losing up begins, simply because you can show more of yourself !

  4. Heartstopper series - this winter - solitaire - radio silence (happens right after the last chapter of solitaire) - Nick and Charlie. I was born for this & Loveless do not have a related storyline like the others do (:

  5. It helped me a lot. And is one of my favorite scenes in the whole story.

  6. Honestly Alice really made sure it touched the readers hearts (in a good way) & I’m very happy it helped you too like it did w me !

  7. I would definitely recommend doing a scene from the book This Winter - I think that story itself will be understandable for an audience who isn’t familiar with heartstopper. Besides that, I think the Story in This Winter between Charlie and Tori is doable in 5 minutes and would be very beautiful to see (:

  8. I don’t know how but this feels awfully accurate

  9. If this didn’t work, do it all over again cauz why not (;

  10. I’m soo ready, not mentally tho 😫

  11. I bet !! The weather looks great, lucky you (:

  12. I just know they got more viewers this year because of us 💀

  13. They better be hanging it in the louvre during the filming of season 2

  14. My standards are way higher than before lol - it’s so refreshing to see a successful tv series without the basic ‘need’ to put in sex scenes.

  15. Me, someone from the Netherlands, binge watching hs till I’m dead (‘:

  16. At the end of round 6 lol ! If you can’t stop thinking about heartstopper, like myself, it’s ideal to put the series on while studying .. such comfort and weirdly enough quite effective to get concentrated ?

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