1. Well I am female so that might make a difference

  2. Maybe it’s cuz I have a bunch of chronic health conditions that make me easily fatigued but I be dizzy and completely exhausted after such activity 😩

  3. I don’t get it though, how is it that so many people can’t see that the car in front of them has stopped? Like are they not looking at the road?

  4. I’m so confused, what is happening? Why’d the dad try to refrigerate his child? Why is the man in red beating the lot out of him? Why did the guy with the child fall down in the first place?

  5. Nice of the wildebeest to stand up so the hyena can get to them more easily. Rather like eating grapes off the vine.

  6. So that's what's on Giorno's clothes!

  7. I’m sorry for you, I’m sure you want have those problems or will be able to cope with those problems in the future

  8. Oh, I don’t struggle with incontinence, but for the people who do, responding with ‘tf’ seems a bit mean

  9. Wait so this is a pots thing?😭 I though all my life I was just a very red person 😩. It’s crazy the way that things that suddenly make sense when you realise what’s causing a certain symptom

  10. 1, because I need to eat around the middle and then eat the crustless (best) part last

  11. God I wish I could read... like.. I can read... But I can't get into reading a book, which is weird, because I LOVED to read when I was younger. Now I just can't seem to find a book that holds my attention long enough to get into it. If I'm not hooked in the first page, I will give up, every time.

  12. Try and read at least 15 pages and if you can’t do it then I guess you can give up on that book. But I’m sure you will find a boon you’ll enjoy if you kept looking.

  13. Literally I was thinking I can’t be the only one just reading this like ‘ooh wow okay, yeah, no I don’t know the feeling’

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