2. From my experience, this happens when Steam cannot locate the installation folder. Reinstall should fix the problem.

  3. What system is your friend running it on? Linux, windows? Also what system, Steam Deck, Laptop (Acer Predator)


  5. Then at this point its there server. My Steam Deck has had issues downloading in the past meaning some slow speeds here and there. But not as bad when I downloaded games from the ESHOP Nintendo store to the Nintendo Switch. Those download speeds were horrible.

  6. I could be a server issue and your wifi combined. I would reset the wifi. The wifi may be sharing traffic with other devices in the home.

  7. I had the same issue with my Dragon Quest XI S. Short story i did everything you did. But I had mods installed which i knew about. Turns out Uninstalling and Reinstalling from the Steam store did not fix it. I had to manually remove my mods to get it to work. Oh and I did a factory reset as well. Sussi part was I had to reinstall all my games again. No issues after that.

  8. Hi and good morning, how were you able to convert it to a different currency? By gift card im guessing a steam gift card right? If you can, try explaining from start to finish. Thx

  9. I'm really no good with Linux but for games I've modded on SD, I've had to add a command into the launch options in order for the game to see them. I'd Google resi 3 mod Linux launch command to see if anything pops up

  10. Yes its tough especially with no guides on this on Youtube. My drive mist have been formatted by accident when formatting my micro sd card for the Steam Deck..

  11. Ah I've had much experience with installing windows on the win max. Mine is the 2020 model but the experience should be the same. If you're trying to clean install I'd imagine you have some sort of usb boot device. If so, you need to press a series of keys very fast to get into that boot menu in the second image. I think it was either fn, DEL, F1, F7, or F12, I forget and most sources give me conflicting information. Try it a few times if it doesn't work, the timing is strict and I don't remember the exact button. After that you can select your USB boot device with the arrow keys and it'll install from there. If you don't have one, the GPD repair install can work too. It's on the first photo you showed, if you accept it will reinstall another version of windows. If it crashed during any installation you can start fresh all over again and it should be fine. After that I recommend installing the GPD Win Max drivers from GPD's website to ensure everything can communicate well. Hope that helps, if that's not your issue or you need more information let me know

  12. Thank you for your reply. Yes i am new. My worry is that i may make things worst.

  13. I would recommend using another computer to create a windows installation USB key, read some windows installation guides, and try a reinstall.

  14. I'm sorry. Never done this? Do you have a step by step guide? Ive seen the Phawx install windows for GPD WIN 3 but not for max? I read somewhere I have to install GPD's firmware? So confused...

  15. Set the Windows manager as first boot

  16. Thank you so much for your reply. The games I want to mod are Resident Evil 3 remake & Final Fantasy 7 remake, Tomb Raider Shadow of The Tomb Raider.

  17. Oh and Metalslug 53, i thought why not just use the 512gb on board. I think that's enough considering on the go. What program should I use for windows games transer to steam deck?

  18. Which games do you want to play cannot be played on SteamOS/Linux? How much do you want to play them?

  19. I'm sorry for the confusion. I just want to copy my windows games over my 512gb. And use nexus mods as well. Games like Blue Reflection, Dead or Alive 5, tomb raider shadow of, etc.

  20. Right now the estimates I believe are only for Q2. Currently most models are still on day 1 orders

  21. You are not in control and this will not have a happy ending, as you are subject to another’s recklessness, and this will put you in a position you didn’t ask to be in, but you can always grab the reigns now. Alternatively, this could mean that this is what you fear would happen (if you trust someone else to take the reigns)…

  22. If you are interested, I had multiple dreams last night including the one posted.

  23. Hi, i had this issue a while back and had no help. You have to run retroarch through homebrew.

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