1. That’s uh… uh… bold given the past few days

  2. Fortnite zero build is sort of a new release. But yeah you’re right there aren’t many 3p games unfortunately. Guess we’ll see I don’t know

  3. I honestly think the game in post is a niche, it seems alot more realistic and gritty, when compared to roco. Don't get me wrong I love TLOU and Uncharted, but they aren't for everyone. And I certainly won't be dropping Roco for this game, I can play more than one PVP, if they both work for me.

  4. I know people liked uncharted pvp, but it didn’t last very long I don’t think and this is similar imo. And that’s a good point that it’s only ps5. With that small of a player base, it’ll have every problem RoCo has x10.

  5. It’s not exclusive to Boone. But he’s probably gonna fuck around and get fired

  6. Why not pinch run Locastro with the double switch and have Marwin play 3rd?

  7. Pretty sure the gunsmith nerf has nerfed shotguns already

  8. His energy is so douchey I hate it. Maybe it’s because I live in chicago.

  9. [BUG] Invisible barbwire is still a thing.

  10. Invisible and also another issue is disappearing wire. Literally been in the game for 2 years. lol

  11. Why does everyone here think a cadre of AAA players who have never had a major league at bat will suddenly break out and save the team? Does anyone have a clue how little even the best prospects contribute for their first year or two? Adding players who have no experience to a playoff push as if they’re going to be the teams savior is absolutely absurd.

  12. Because there’s literally nothing to lose at this point. “Playoff push” lol

  13. He's been hurt so much, they are wasting bullets with him. Get what you can & never assume a future healthy arm

  14. Yeah it’s a good thing the Yankees haven’t assumed healthy arms. It would really suck if they gave up a healthy dependable rotation piece at the deadline for, say, a random high risk outfielder who might not even play this year. That would be really bad.

  15. Moxley is the hottest of the 3 right now, and he's my personal fav, but i don't think he's *that much* better than Seth or Reigns, who both excel in different ways.

  16. Assuming somebody's white because they're not American guess what that's called buddy.

  17. You assumed he was White. That's like saying El salvadorians are Mexicans. When in fact if you call at Salvadorian and Mexican they will be offended. Go call a Nigerian that and see how they react. Your lumping all races together of one color on a word. Guess what's that's called.

  18. Lol you poor child. You done with the mental gymnastics? I think we’re done, huh?

  19. Ranked strikeout, yeah she’s really good. Honestly mollies in general are a bit too strong atm

  20. Jalen Beeks usually pitches only an inning or two, so we'll probably see Ryan Yarbrough carry the bulk of the pitching workload for Tampa tonight.

  21. I’m (unfortunately) a finance bro, When the Dodgers were bought I instantly saw us as a small fish in the pond. People don’t realize how much that move changed baseball. Guggenheim is SCARY. In banking, those are the smartest guys in the room. Up there with the Goldmans. Work ethic of super humans. They hire physicists off of CERN to pick stocks with their math, you think they aren’t doing that with baseball now? We are a small fish.

  22. Feels like we’ll spend money on a really good guy every now and then like Cole or Stanton and probably Judge, but then we’ll get tied up in expensive guys like Britton and Chapman.

  23. nope. the icon that looks like a pc w/ controller means they are on a different console from you


  25. thanks for sending. i and a lot of other commenters corrected that person.

  26. forced crossplay is killing the game. pc players arent doing anything wrong.

  27. People said this about apex arena too. I don’t think RoCo will see drastic number changes from a different game dropping. That’s just sort of the life cycle of games in general. This game has been out for 2 years and a lot of other games have released in that time period.

  28. I'm not going to go and test it again, but it sure felt like they got slower. Do you remember when the S/T first got introduced, how fast Lancer was? (and I don't mean with evade or her ability activated).

  29. iirc, patch notes said they dropped toughness to 3% and didn’t mention speed. It’s HiRez, who knows what they meant.

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