1. Have been eaten out on a warm night, perched on a tree trunk with fireflies around me. 10/10 - would absolutely recommend.

  2. Most nights one doesn't cut it. Made love to my wife, she went to work, and an hour later used our Magic Wand to orgasm again. 3rd time was less than two hours after that.

  3. 16 but I was so sore and messy after I didn’t play again for like a week

  4. I did. But I had to go to work so it’s been soft all day until I read this post 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Well that's the best thing I'll see today.... jeez.

  6. Actually I last dreamed about a fellow Redditor. Haha his posts are fucking amazing and get me to cum in no time

  7. Dressing rooms, car, tent, random bathrooms. I guess those are all pretty standard though.

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