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  1. The animal in your campsite that you want to move to your island. Trying to win the completely chance-based game only to have the wrong villager suggested to move out had me yelling in frustration like it was a final boss 🙃

  2. use amibos!! that’s how i get rid of villagers i don’t like. You can make amibos

  3. I appreciate it, but it's a lost cause. I haven't filled that section of my museum in any of the AC games 😅

  4. someone did the math, best bet is to stay at 10k, in the long run you lose more by burying more bells than you gain from the occasional 90k

  5. see my other reply for the math vid

  6. okay but hell won’t be a party. You’ll literally being suffering in fire. You won’t be able to move either

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