1. Easy bro 😎 let’s exchange styles not wives! For real tho message me what to write and I got you!

  2. Go to McDonald’s drive thru and ask for a number 25. (Not on the menu) A man in a trench coat and a top hat will hand you a classified envelope hidden in a happy meal box with your new graffiti name, with 4 different styles to choose from. It’s only $7.99 while supplies last.

  3. Post what your working with for a critique. Gotta start somewhere. An OG said “effort is the best indicator of interest.” The magic happens when you put in the work. Some people call it the “flow state.” If you post something, I’ll write one out for you as well.

  4. I think not only are bots posting these, but also the bot squad is responsible for the upvoting as well. It’s a working theory…

  5. I see your intent. The letters alternate direction. Not sure why others can't see it. Dope, dope, dope...all of them👌🏼Love the original styles. Not easy to accomplish.

  6. My guy. So I’ll tell you what I did. Each letter is the proportion of a business card. So I layed down a business card and alternated it’s direction each letter. I traced around the edge of the business card so I had a rectangle that was equally proportionate for each letter. Then I could eyeball the mid point and split the rectangle into sections and freehand the letterforms. I thought it funked up a straight letter nicely. Since letters are are typically taller than they are wide, it plays a trick on the mind that can’t be unseen. I can totally see it, and even noticed it when I was making it. Nonetheless I enjoy it’s dual application, and the fact that it can be misread or slightly ambiguous. It was just a fun little letter project after all. Best wishes, thanks, and cheers to you and all the commenters on the post here.

  7. I’m still tranced out on Montgomery’s card—the classy coloring, the thickness, the lettering, the print—and I suddenly raise a fist as if to strike out at Craig and scream, my voice booming, “No one wants the fucking red snapper pizza! A pizza should be yeasty and slightly bready and have a cheesy crust! The crusts here are too fucking thin because the shithead chef who cooks here overbakes everything! The pizza is dried out and brittle!”

  8. What are you going on about here botrick? Sounds like dialogue from a crap film. You’ll never be a chef, because you don’t respect the chef. You need to respect yourself. Then you can complain about your own cooking to yourself in your little robot warehouse that you ran an extension cord from a mom and pop pizza shop struggling to get by, just so you can fuel your sense of belonging to a community. Thief!

  9. Cool piece. Did you use to write Helen?

  10. That character reminds me of Harold, the bully from Hey Arnold! Style looks clean, and nice colors!

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