Patriot Front showed up at Pride event in Idaho in the back of an Uhaul truck and got arrested right away.

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  1. The judge and the prosecutors aren't concerned because the kid isn't in their community. I guarantee if their children or close family members attended or worked at that school, there would be no cash bail.

  2. Oh that’s 100% true. Every once in a while one of our judges are a victim of a crime and suddenly they’ll approve warrants, bail jacks, and give longer sentences.

  3. A couple had entire backpacks on while flexcuffed in the photos I saw. Seems like a serious officer safety concern.

  4. That’s how we would do it. Top priority is get everyone detained and secure the scene. Then you can process each person one by one. I’m sure it was a quick pat frisk for weapons after cuffing then move on.

  5. Show stinks but when you got 800 tv Chanel’s I guess you’ll put anything on to fill the time slots

  6. I bet they’re not watching that shit, and they get pudding cups. I can get used to the old people smell, I’m in

  7. Sorry if I’m mistaken, but wouldn’t it be more than a ticket? Isn’t evading the police a felony?

  8. I’m California at least, it depends on the driving behavior. You can speed away from cops but if you have minimal other violations you can keep it at a misdemeanor level.

  9. I know that. That doesn't mean there wasn't other cops inside the building trying to get into the room where he was.

  10. People are downvoting you for wanting more information on a post about rampant misinformation being spread. How ironic.

  11. #1 COVID (444), #2 Gunfire (62), #3 Automobile crash (24).

  12. Until you look at rate of being assaulted/injured and not just deaths as a statistic.

  13. How does one make 911 calls to 4 different states? Dont the hotline goes to the nearest area based on the caller's location?

  14. You won’t tend to get charged for the violation, but certain violations committed during the pursuit are (depending on state) enhancements such as driving on the wrong side of the road, reckless driving during the pursuit, injuring someone, etc.

  15. The murderous piece of shit Philip Brailsford is a great example. Gave conflcting orders to Daniel Shaver, and when Daniel couldn't comply, he was executed by Brailsford. Brailsford got to be re-hired to collect on disability because he was so traumatized that he executed a defenseless man pleading for his life on his knees, and retired.

  16. Just for clarification Brailsford wasn’t the one giving the orders, he was the shooter. Two different people

  17. Time and place where it’s appropriate but they are becoming less common. Lots of agencies are moving to stopping the suspect away from the house and then hitting the house simultaneously.

  18. We’re just seeing meth and fentanyl. It’s been a few months since I’ve seen tar heroin. A few years ago we’d see more heroin than anything so it’s a little wild to see such a dramatic swap.

  19. Yep exactly this. I just stopped a car this past week where the plate had no return and it ended up being a cop in a UC vehicle. It happens from time to time. People on some specific subreddits love those gotcha moments against cops while also having zero understanding of police work.

  20. I mean...does it matter? Corruption is corruption regardless of whether it's a legit business or not. Cops can't be robbing drug dealers either...

  21. True but no need to be deceptive with the article. Tell it as it is

  22. It’s cringy when cops do it and cringy when non-cops do it. I appreciate people showing support, I really do. But I’d rather them show support with their votes and their general speech/behavior, rather than giving a bunch of money to a random company.

  23. What video are you watching? They literally say "no weight" at 22:36 in the video. The second he stops responding they flip him on his side and start life-saving efforts. The one cop has partial weight on the guys right arm but not on his back. They are also asking him to stop fighting them which is keeping them from sitting him up.

  24. Yes, they literally say "no weight" at 22:36... after he's gone unresponsive at 22:30. And when they flip him over at 22:40, he's not breathing. They sure had weight on him before that point.

  25. It’s because he’s still fighting the arrest. If they let him up then they have to use additional force to now regain control of him. I think the best bet would have been to restrain him on his back while handcuffed. That causes it’s own discomfort and potential for injury but at least it avoids positional asphyxia. A big dude like that on his stomach for a while on top of being in an elevated state is no good. All that combined with potential drugs/alcohol on board is a recipe for disaster.

  26. EVOC is fucking stupid. Never once have I done anything remotely close to what the courses were in real life and that includes pursuits.

  27. I think aspects of it were useful but overall we don’t spend enough time training driving, especially the right kinds.

  28. Afaik cop training in the US is like 6 weeks or so. Depending on state. In Germany as example it's 2,5-3 years at least, combination of working with a colleague and extensive physical, mental and educational training. You also need to pass a lot of tests to qualify to be a cop.

  29. California is just over 900 hours of academy and then usually another 4 months of full time police work with a training officer

  30. It does prove their point though. If your rich in the U.S, you can pretty much do whatever you want as long as you're willing to pay a small fine.

  31. In most places that $500 bail will require $50 and in some as low as $25. Bondsman covers the rest

  32. Years ago went to a show at the Viper Room. I had heard “cars get towed all the time so be careful where you park.” Found a spot on a side street, walked up and down both sides of the road scanning for no parking signs before committing. Came out after the show and found a no-parking sign attached to the very pole where my car had once been. I was incredibly pissed at the impound yard, and was promptly informed that the towing people are deputized. Long story short, assaulting a peace officer is a 415.

  33. Sounds sensationalist to me. I don't think any crew would stop anyone from sitting on their table. This isn't mean girls.

  34. Knoxville said it on the Smartless podcast with Bateman and others. He may have been exaggerating for the sake of the story but if you want to check it out, that’s where I’ve heard him say it at least.

  35. Sad, my parents are from Salinas. The gangs weren't there until the 80's and 90's they blew up, so many guys lose their life for it. May he find peace in the afterlife.

  36. It’s completely out of control with tons of juveniles being arrested for shoots and stabbings.

  37. Yeah it's not very talked about but central California has a massive gang problem that people would rather just sweep under the rug. Small communities with multiple gang killings every week and it just slides under the radar.

  38. That's only In the movies. Miranda rights aren't read on the scene and they aren't required to be read on the scene. They're read back at the police station where the subject is in custody and being interrogated

  39. I’ll read Miranda on scene more frequently than back at my station. A lot of the times either the person is going to get released with a court date in lieu of going to jail or it’s just faster and easier than transporting them to the station for questioning vs in field.

  40. I wonder if in real life we had the same resources if we had similar results. In series we have multiple people working on one case. Irl it's the other way around. And that's without considering laboratories and so on

  41. Yeah having a full team and amazing technology that doesn’t exist in real life definitely would make a huge difference.

  42. Police do very little "detecting" in regards to murder. The two most common ways murderers are caught is either at the scene ( frequently still holding the murder weapon ) or someone who knows the killer dimes.them out. Most homicide detectives have very little actual training and most of that comes in the form of cop witchcraft passed down from senior detectives. That's why you see so many police interviews where the detectives think the suspect, "didn't look sad enough" after a loved one has been murdered and zero in on that person even though there's no link between not looking sad and being a murderer. Cop witchcraft.

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