1. As a gay man I can tell you try to relax. Try out things and don't be ashamed of yourself. If you don't feel ready yet to call yourself gay that's okay. Just try out and relax.

  2. Anyone giving me a free house rn that's in a decently leaving country I'd take.

  3. Yesn't. There is no universal meaning. I think everyone can create themselves a meaning. My meaning is to make my life as good as possible, and if possible make it better for as much people as possible.

  4. Just leave it how it naturally falls. Don't make q big deal out of it.

  5. That can totally differ from school to school. I'd take a suit with me, and wait for how the others change and ten see.

  6. Working out is always good not just while puberty. But make sure you eat enough and healthy, one of the main problems that can happen is not eating enough because when you do sports you of cause need to eat more.

  7. Mei Gehalt is Jo ansich ned so schlecht oba longsom wirds deprimierend

  8. I'd say a pc mostly since it's a longer term investment then a console. Also its a huge deal to have access like this and you'll lern lots of stuff

  9. weiss ja nicht, könnte auch fake sein...

  10. Dann hätte ich genug skills für einen neben Beruf damit

  11. I'm a gay guy and this is basically my experience with it:

  12. Ich bin auch glücklich, was hat das damit zu tun?! :0

  13. Try out different brands and styles of underwear. Everyone likes something different so you may find something you really like

  14. There can't be a killed significant other, of there is no significant other.

  15. To me I like every dick between 11 and 17 cm. Everything out of this spectrum can be amazing or not and really depends. But that's what I personally like as a range

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