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  1. Did anybody get a ride free bet from DraftKings Christmas promo for NBA? I swear I entered a risk free bet promo yesterday

  2. Has anyone on DK been refunded yet?

  3. What in the 5 leg parlay horse shit is in that bowl

  4. Are these the ones that shoot the mini shells?

  5. You're looking for the 590S Shockwave.

  6. Wiggins has been playing well. He had 26 last game.

  7. Literally me all week. So many close wins

  8. Gaud grill is fake Mexican food. Eegee’s is worse than subway. Lucky wishbone is terrible. Pat’s chilling dogs is whatever. Never tried Nene but I’m sure it’s just as bad as all the other food in Tucson

  9. Rip those guys who bought the mystery pack.

  10. I think those came with a brace and extra mags.

  11. In the meantime you can also try washing with an antibacterial body wash. It can help prevent the infection from starting. My husband used to get boils and cysts on his inner thighs before we knew he was diabetic, and the antibacterial body wash really helped as a treatment until we got him diagnosed and started regulating his blood sugar. Best of luck!

  12. Sounds like HS. Was it just his diabetes causing it?

  13. This is the best price around by at least $100. In true gundeals fashion, I placed my order first before posting. Been waiting for one of these for awhile now.

  14. Guess you got the only one in stock

  15. Far from it. Explains why these are new.

  16. Yup, I’ve been watching. I purchased 01/13, but they didn’t cash my check until 03/01…. Taking forever for this one.

  17. Same days as me. Hopefully we get them soon.

  18. Man mines like 120 days pending , i hate the wait but cant wait to get it

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