1. Wait what does that do i haven't done it for either of my playthrough???

  2. Let's you select some of the choices done in witcher 2 even if you don't import a witcher 2 save. That has some story and character consequences on witcher 3.

  3. I took the screenshots, and the difference with the server? I do not understand the question but here's what happened: Sarya is an NA player, never been to EU and stuff. I am an EU player. I made an account on NA to take the photos. Maybe in the future, I will go to NA to take more photos, who knows?

  4. I think what they mean is why did you go to NA to take the photos? Why not do it on EU?

  5. If I understand it correct then its not OPs character, rather someone they met, so OP (who plays on EU) switched to NA to take photos of the character

  6. Ooh, that makes much more sense. I was so confused x)

  7. Wait. It's all Idaho? πŸ§‘β€πŸš€πŸ”«πŸ§‘β€πŸš€Been since 2021.

  8. So, where does the energy holding up the object come from? I mean I know intuitively a chair keeps my butt up, but does that mean energy is being used to carry my butt up away from the curvature of spacetime?

  9. Physics does not require energy to be expended in order for a force to exist. Energy is only needed when a force is exerted over a distance. This feels counter intuitive to us because we need to expend energy to exert forces with our muscles, but that is because on the microscopic scale our

  10. I had no idea. So, in my example, where does the force come from, if it is not necessarily using energy? The force wasn't there before I sit down, no?

  11. The force between your butt and the chair comes from the electromagnetic repulsion between the electrons of your atoms with the ones in the chair, as well as the

  12. It thought, therefore it was.

  13. As long as you know all the safety invariants that must be manually upheld in unsafe Rust code, it's really neat.

  14. One additional thing you might want to know just for fun is that energy is only conserved when the laws of physics (specifically the Lagrangian) do not change over time. This means that energy is not conserved in expanding spacetime regions, or regions where magic is changing the laws of physics ;)

  15. She couldn't handle the truth.

  16. Virtual particles are not real (that's why they are called virtual). They only show up when you use a specific approximation scheme (perturbation theory) to solve problems in qft. There they represent internal lines in Feynman diagrams, that in turn represent terms in an expansion inside an integral. Only the final result of the calculation is a physical quantity. You can quickly reach the wrong conclusions if you think of virtual particles as real.

  17. Poland isn't that bad compared to other eu countries though. Think there's 11 eu countries doing worse in press freedom so hardly fair to point fingers at Poland

  18. I can't access the link, can you please share which 4 countries it was?

  19. Huh, strange. Does it say why?

  20. The inverse of sin(x) should be repent(x) instead of arcsin(x).

  21. Interaction picture supremacy

  22. How do I get multiple flairs ?

  23. Choose a custom flair and enter the language abbreviations by hand. I do not remember what they are, but I suspect my flair in text form is something like ":Ftn::Py::Rst:".

  24. That explains the bugs in my code, just weird that the cosmic rays are so consistent

  25. A good way to think about unsafe is that it let's you take over the responsibility of upholding all the safety invariants of rust when the compiler is unable to see that they are upheld.

  26. Beyond what others have said you will run into problems with the

  27. Well, you'd have a Rindler horizon, but it wouldn't make any problem, it would just be there, if I'm not mistaken. The closer to you proportionaly to your acceleration. And for the unruh effect, i'd be more concerned with the g force before getting grilled, haha. Bu anyway, I'm glad you mentionned all of this, it's interesting physics. Have you read Jacobson's paper where he uses these effects, plus thermodynamics, to derive Einstein equations?

  28. No I have not, that sounds wild.

  29. LGBT stands for Li(x), [;G^{m,n}_{p,q}\left(\begin{matrix}a_1,\ldots,a_p\\b_1,\ldots,b_q\end{matrix}\Bigg|;z\right);], B(z1, z2), Tan(x)

  30. 01001000 01101001 00100000 01100111 01110101 01111001 01110011

  31. 01001000... H... 01101001... I... Hi guys

  32. I analyzed the image and this is what I see. Open an appropriate link below and explore the position yourself or with the engine:

  33. Observational evidence of pair production! I should tell my physics department.

  34. So how do we distinguish between the math that has predictive capability and the one that doesn't?

  35. By experimentally checking the predictions

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