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  1. Pouring hot tap water on the prints and then cold water would help in remove them from the built plate.

  2. Flex plate is joy. Flex plate is the way. A scraper never needs to touch flex plate.

  3. Autofactories are the hardest to make and materially expensive job, with a not 100% success rate. It could fail at 50% and need to be recycled and start over.

  4. I have at my disposal a shop vac, air compressor, garden hose, plunger. I do know where the outlet is.

  5. Rent a pipe snake, or gamble 20 bucks on a 25 ft snake attached to drill.bend a 30 degree offset on the bulb end. It will help to overcome those 90s as it spins.

  6. Ive td my wife countless times that the only reason she is with me is because she wants to.

  7. It took some work, but i got my dog to do defferent vocalizations for out (yawn/howl ouuuuuuu) eat(low bark , roh ) play (growlbark , sounds like roo roo). Thats enough for me to help.

  8. This has me tearing up. My late girl was very vocal and I knew exactly what she meant with every pitch and wag. I taught her to "roo" also.

  9. I think you and i are if not on the same page, at least the same chapter.

  10. And then we all get shirts of Obama, shirtless, ripped, six-pack, holding a rocket launcher, standing over Trump with baby hands, Biden's in the background. He's not quite sure what's going on, but he's loving it. Big American Flag banner.

  11. Brilliant idea..maybe something that can be hung that appears to be dented in by the hammer.

  12. Thanks for adding your perspective, I didn’t know that. It’s pretty sad that it’s so common though. Men everywhere have really been screwed by all the men that came before us.

  13. The "i compressed all my pain down into cold sharp diamonds of dark nihilism, and no real man would do it any different!" Then loses his shit like the world personally hates him when he gets a flat tire.

  14. Not even a little. I looked over at the box with my dogs ashes and plaster pawprint after this video and realized that mourning just goes on pause.

  15. Ha, no. Forwarding port 80 is like dropping trau and running through sawgrass.

  16. I have some dulled dentist pick-like sculpting tools I picked up from Micromark a few months ago. I was hesitant to use something that might scratch my prints, but I'll give it a shot.

  17. Yeah, scratching is very likely. Maybe consider spudgers from an ifixit kit.

  18. Barack really rode hard for that 8 years. I almost felt bad for wanting to be able to vote him a third term.

  19. And Bush looks more like a victim of the progression of photography, his hair is a few shades grayer but I feel like the camera is just picking up more detail than the older picture

  20. Fair. They all come out looking a bit ashen i imagine from the constant stress.

  21. Someone on fiver would probably do a better job without all of your unprompted angst

  22. yeah, but that's not where the question was asked. the question was asked in "a place where makers of all skill levels and walks of life can learn about and discuss 3D printing and development of 3D printed parts and devices." .

  23. your time clearly isn't worth anything if you're just on random threads bitching about inquiries. hopefully you get that liquor problem under control here soon!

  24. I wasnt bitch8ng, and i dont drink. I was joking about in a thread for what it would take for me to fulfill for op in absence of any better offers.

  25. You realize I rarely watch TV, right. I don't watch Left wing commentators for the same reason I don't watch Right wing commentators: too biased.

  26. You literally use tv screencaps and then try to high road as someone who doesnt watch .

  27. eh, I am getting by quite nicely with the build volume of the photon mono 4k.

  28. I've been using the 4k as well. I was able to print an adult dragon with wings out (printing it in 4 peices) and it turned out well. You'll be surprised as that this thing can do. A tarrasque might be harder but a giant should be in the realm of possibility.

  29. Yeah, ive seen the guy printing a full size t rex skeleton in fdm, so with assembly it can be done. I just limit myself to one shot print and go stuff.

  30. It was not awesome at the time, but my mom totally read the principal the riot act and i watched tv for the week of suspension.

  31. Similarly, I swung a metal scooter at his head. Under the age when you can get criminally charged, I used that shit. (And he was terrified of me until the end of high school.)

  32. kid in line behind me at recess punched me in the back of the head while standing next to the fence. The principal described what I did as "riding his face down the fence to the ground".

  33. from the headphones, he might be autistic. speaking from experience having been one, autistic kids often have weird ways of eating food like different parts of something in a specific order

  34. I joke, whatwver cheap shit i buy that has been poured more than 5 minutes before printing. That shit will separate into pigment and clear reain on the quick.

  35. And they steal, and beat up BLK females inside beauty shops...

  36. I see a brit pretending to be America's best on the left and a Kiwi pretending to be america's worst on the right.

  37. Hypothetically would it be better for the US if they let him run? Can't have riots over his arrest if he's not arrested.

  38. The issue people fail to realize is that in the real world some people don’t follow the same rules as you or share the same morals.

  39. this! always assume that the person you are in a physical confrontation with is a rabid bear, and get out of that situation if you can.If you can't, make sure that the rabid bear can't continue to present a threat.

  40. I can’t tell you how many times I witnessed skinny wannabe tough guy say something like “id beat the fuck out of that guy” when seeing some dude that for whatever reason they don’t like.

  41. the point here is the chick is the one with no boundaries because she FUCKING STABBED HIM TO DEATH after the pic above where the person with the power to end the physical confrontation didn't.

  42. I am not familiar with raise3D. So it's unclear. Maybe check a couple of YouTube reviews?

  43. Honestly, I dont want to be a Prusa fanboy, but from my experience. They work without fuss, when i need them. I mostly print PETG, but I've dabbled in PC and CF-Nylon. But when i want to print, i slice, start print and walk away. And I've realised that, unfortunately, It's more of a exception than the norm in this hobby

  44. even as a well seasoned veteran of 3d printing for fun, if I ever had reason to print for an income stream, I'd go prusa-XL for my next just to have a reliable workhorse.

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