1. The Devs sure know how to disappoint. Like anyone is going to use her over tag droids in high ranks. Green 21 would have been the perfect choice.

  2. Go with movies and then go to the rare medal shop and get the other 2 medals and buy the rest

  3. he is basic but i like his dark aura and his win screen.

  4. Which section are those in? There's so many challenges in this game

  5. So for the LR gohan goten and trunks they are in the event section and then you click story and scroll down till you find them- the event it called legacies of remarkable fathers. For the LR Goku there's gonna be something called Dragon ball story and you then click on dragon ball z and then then A new threat !!! The Saiyan warrior race.

  6. Pan is in the growth section and scroll down till you find her. Also there is a LR Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr LR you can get in the event section

  7. I would recommend ultra super gogeta and gogeta blue to be in your team . And a way you can grind a levels is through the friendship event because it gives you a ton of exp .

  8. Extreme because it drops 500 medals and you can do this 3 times for 1500 and 1000 from the missions so you get a total of 2500 medals .

  9. Raid. The best easy to get medals is to see the units that give increased medal drops and add them to your party.

  10. I would rather wait for the z power instead of having to do full power battle .

  11. Yeah that’s Boss Gogeta, people have been wanting him as a playable character for so long since his blue card is so clean

  12. I was confused because whenever he transformed or used his main ability no text would appear

  13. I'd say start at the 168 hour legends limited summons first. Secound the purple hit, the extreme red gogeta and the green android 21 are good units

  14. If you like androids then yes. I think this cell is mostly for androids but he fits on regen and future as well (if he shares the same tags as the other cell)

  15. Its cells arena someone found it on twitter it was hidden

  16. First of all stop playing gyro games, dont use acceleration while you play use a higher sens instead, if you are getting 3 kills 14 deaths you are either not winning your fights or you are rushing them, I'd suggest watching csgo highlights it'll give you a rough idea of how to preaim and hold angles, for winning fights use a smaller crosshair but increase the distance between the lines and also choose a bright colour and practice with it in training, as for your sens it should be like if you do a swipe your crosshair should so a 90-100degree turn on the screen, once you set the sens dont change it just keep practicing even if you lose. A few comp tips- 1.) Take space, if you kill someone while playing as t, move ahead and take his place carefully while keeping your cross hair on head lvl and pre aiming. 2.) Hold corners and try to flash before peeking. 3.) Try to move with another guy so that if he dies you can kill the ct that killed him, its called trading but dont use him as bait lmao. 4.) Use the time wisely you can plant at the end too but be aware and move slowly and wait for the ct to peek or come looking. 5.) Push for info, i do this a lot , I smoke flash into a site and kill a guy or two if i can and get killed but that gives info to my team and if the bomb is near they plant on sane site or rush to other site if they know how to count players xd 6.) As ct defend ahead of the site, if you stay in the site and they push you'll kill one and fall back giving them the site and plant. Smoke ahead and stay ahead and keep pressure on them by firing 7.) Learning spraying is very important but sometimes just tapping helps, for example if the dude is far and hasnt seen you and you are not sure about your spray just try tapping on his head its okay if he doesnt die and you die, you made him low and your team could kill him, remember its not about how many bullets your spray its about the ones you hit. 8.) Dont commit to a spray, I do this often and i'm learning not to do it myself, if you start spraying and you miss it in like the first second(you'll know when you miss a spray) just move away quickly dont try to adjust it, also even if you dont miss just deal some damage and go back in cover 9.) Deal damage and get back in cover and try not to peek from the same spot again. I have other points too but this comment has gone too long already, hope you read it and hope it helps :)) {This was a comment for a similar post so I copy pasted here, also promo codes are not just available for everyone,Good luck}

  17. Gokua and the new vegeta I fucking hate how lucky you are

  18. Im not sure what you mean, but on the basic recruit

  19. Oh I meant the 4 star one you have I pulled the bikini one but I wanted the purple element one

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