1. I just have like 60 alt accounts in there and hop on a new account every time i Get banned. You need a new ip adress for each account and a new account to verify with

  2. so like the bloxburg discord server is just shit?

  3. There should be a version that doesn’t include people who cheat , no way they worked for 700 mil

  4. Considering people have 3500+ hours on farming simulators and truck simulators i think its reasonebale enough to have 700 mil

  5. 2-7 hours on normal days and 4-17 hours on weekends and in free weeks

  6. You can Line up with pillars and then fill with structurals to make tilted bow

  7. Structurals are very expensive, that is why I personally use basic shapes, but I guess you are derpycarbuyer and have basically unlimited amounts of money

  8. I spent like 1,7 million and 40 hours on a bow of a ship with basic shapes so i thought it was more time efficient using structurals to Get a decent bow. I guess you can use lagre segments of basic shape to save money though.

  9. Low key flexing I spent 10 hours STRAIGHT farming and only made 3 million 😭😭😭😭

  10. That’s 50% faster than an avarange level 50 pizza delivery

  11. Dam fr? I mean I have excellent employee and had a mood station I’d go to when my stats got low, guess 3 mil isn’t bad then 😮‍💨😮‍💨

  12. About 583 hours in game or less. Assuming that you work 4x slower then hackers

  13. Was this on your hack account or real account?

  14. Someone gave me their password to work for them so I did something cheesy on their account


  16. Normally a lvl 50 would make 50k in 15 mins. Nothing special here.

  17. I make on average 202k/ hour as lvl 50 pizza delivery. Each ride gives 3068/3069 on marvellous mood. I have lvl 50 on two accounts. To test how long and how much you would make from 0-50 with all passes. In your screenshot you have bad mood which does so that you make up to 30% less. I’m sure you can ask many other lvl 50 delivery drivers on how much they make in 15 mins and 50k will be the answer.

  18. I collected data myself and used data from the Bloxburg wiki to try and find some answers to questions I've always had about Bloxburg but for some reason couldn't find any accurate answers for on google. I collected data on how much money you receive per pizza from levels 1-8 and 40-50 depending on how high your moods are, and using google spreadsheets I found out that if you deliver pizzas with full moods (all moods above 80%), you get the highest wage for that level. If one or more moods are below 81 but all are above 50, you receive around 85% what you would with high moods, and if even one of your moods are below 51 you get only 70% what you would with high moods. I also found out that with excellent employee you make 1.5 times as much per pizza as without the gamepass (I originally thought it was double), and that there actually is a formula for how many promotion points there are for each level. For whichever level you're on, you square the level and add 10 and that's how many promotion points you need for the next level. Using that formula, I found out you need 40915 promotion points to go from level 1 to 50 (and this is for any job). Therefore, specifically for pizza delivery, if you deliver one pizza per minute, it would take around 341 hours without excellent employee and 170 hours with excellent employee to go from level 1 to 50. Also, there's a myth (or maybe it used to be true) that you make 25 dollars for the first pizza you deliver, but from the data that I collected you actually earn around 60 dollars without excellent employee and 90 dollars with excellent employee on your first pizza. Finally, I recorded different locations that npcs can spawn and I saw there are 58 different places they can appear on the map.

  19. It took me 148 hours to reach lvl 50. Exellent employee all the time. Avg time each pizza is 52 seconds

  20. I know a guy with 3.4 mil that has never worked on any job.

  21. I believe the feature to undo blockbux items got removed after a few people found out how to dupe blockbux. The glitch involved undoing and placing of blockbux items.

  22. It wasn't removed. I do it all the time, they only patched the glitch.

  23. They removed the feature to interact with items while other built on your plot. Also due to a dupe glitch. They disabled many neighbourhoods for a long period also due to glitches. So I thought it would be removed.

  24. I think bloxburg will be amazing in a couple months. Skilled developers and have lots of fun games with fun features. I look forward to it.

  25. The so called anime statue on my profile before it was clothed. I do not have pictures as I recently got a new pc

  26. If it pops up every time idk, if it’s a one time scenario it’s some hacker trolling you with some old scripts that is most likely patched

  27. Ive done so much pizza that i can almost afk work it. + it pays 210k an hour which is almost 2x more then the second highest paying job.

  28. Absolutely not premium unless your bills is 30k+. Get large plot

  29. I had 16k minutes on an artist with 300-400 monthly listeners until very recently and still top %, it is possible that someone has more but I am negative that someone has more.

  30. If you Are a good builder you can build a 10 story yacht

  31. I disagree with the 2nd one on not Christmas, players like me can get 100k blockbux easily

  32. I have a way too many, dont Get over 36 limos, but 1 is good

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