1. This is incredible! What pens/pencils did you use to make this

  2. Let’s make America like it was in the 1800s, just with considerably less racism.

  3. The original concept of the flag was about fighting for liberty, but for them that liberty was only meant for white people (who were also male and owned property). That's not to say people don't use it to represent an idea of liberty just in general, and I don't think it's necessarily bad to try to use it in a reclaimed way, but the historical context is still not good.

  4. You know black people fought in the revolutionary war, often freed to join their masters.

  5. Don't live in America but this joke made me feel awfully sorry for whatever team is the Jets.

  6. Oh, isn't Canada part of North America?

  7. When people say America, especially given this context and talking about Canada aswell, it is given that “America” means the United States.

  8. First explain why the airplane wing is a rendering.

  9. Airplane wings often look like that from cloud shadow and the capacities of your phones camera.

  10. Y’all got to quit. Every time y’all post something like this, I go straight to the comments. At that point my day is ruined. I see all these smooth brained dumbasses and try to think of the exact moment this country started rolling down hill. Yes, I know I’m being a dumbass for looking at their comments.

  11. Hey it’s ok all the comments have been removed now because the posters decided to redact their statements and not start an argument. How kind of them!

  12. I think economy needs to be more deliberate. Like you can research one tech, buy another with what it gives you, and then continue and pretty soon snowball enough to be able to continue buying techs and bettering your economy while having a massive army. The only strategy in building infrastructure is in thinks like temples, lumber mills and forges etc that give bonuses for adjacents and how long they’ve existed. It seems to easy to get a massive economy and then just the tedious task of conquest. I’ve turned up the difficulty but that just makes war more difficult.

  13. Unchecked freedom results in hate crimes and discrimination. I’ll take your ‘authoritarian’ world where we can’t say twat on the radio ant day if it means that racial minorities don’t get killed because people are allowed to incite violence against them. Ironically the fascism you’re so scared of is farrrrr more likely to result from hate speech than it is from restricting hate speech. Just say you want the freedom to be a bigot. It’s faster/easier than pretending you care about this fake/imaginary threat to freedoms.

  14. Freedom means the right to self defence. If you’re so concerned about minorities being discriminated against and attacked they will, in a free world be able to lawfully defend themselves or move somewhere less hateful.

  15. We’re not talking about self defense here. The poll was specifically about hate speech. Stick to the topic plz.

  16. Hate speech leads to hate. Restricting speech leads to fascism.

  17. Flown over Texas so I know what it looks like. I saw some cool spots in the Western half of the state. The lack of mountains are the main reason for me to not consider it

  18. Welcome to most of the mountain west. Colorado is shitty for laws but Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah are fairly good.

  19. The AR-15 is far too dangerous for civilians to have. Instead, we should all use the AR-10. It's 5 ARs less dangerous!

  20. I’ll gladly turn in one at-15 for an ar-10 that’s saving money

  21. And each will have their own counter crisis spawn if they take enough.

  22. Really? How does this work and why can I not find anything about it on the wiki

  23. How was this made in thinking of making a more sparse America for some worldbuilding and I love the colours and gradients of this map. Thankd

  24. The map was made in Photoshop. I used a lot of different techniques that are a bit tricky to explain adequately in a reddit post, but if you want you're welcome to use my map for your project :)

  25. Thanks, I think I’ll stick to my own mapmaking but thanks again for the offer. Hope you can keep up the good work.

  26. So two things. First, where your ejection port is makes me think there's not enough space for rearward bolt travel, but depending on your recoil system, I could be wrong. If your recoil spring assembly sits above, below, or to the side of your bolt, you'd be fine, but there's not enough space for a traditional recoil spring assembly AND a full rearward bolt carrier to exist behind the ejection port, at least in my opinion. This is the future, after all.

  27. You are the first person I’ve seen in this thread to A.) know anything about the doctrinal philosophy of bull pups and B.) have literally any more knowledge on the function of firearms than just striker goes click and bullet shoots out barrel. I can see that op has tried to educate himself and that’s great but he still needs to learn about the action of the gun. Good job PPI thing out everything you did.

  28. The portrait thing is the most believable to me. In Canada for a while all government buildings had to have a picture of the queen and I’m inclined to think that other commonwealth countries might have had similar policies.

  29. Aus here, a lot of our gov buildings (including schools 🤮🤮) still have portraits of the Queen as like a customary thing and to encourage us to have portraits of her every Australian is entitled to a free portrait of her from the local council. Pretty sure having them on display in gov buildings and schools was previously a law too.

  30. Everyday I dislike the Australian government more and more

  31. Thanks mate that's pretty cool. If you like gun maymays check out my Kenosha Kid video!

  32. Thanks I love your music the scenery is great. Usually I’ll just listen to music in the background but with your videos I have to sit down and watch them when they come out. Keep up the great work man

  33. The Greg arcade acoustic is pretty great and probably my favourite but the original choir version still slaps.

  34. I disagree with pornography and think people are better off without it. If you want to degrade your life that’s fine too you also have the right to smoke, drink, do drugs, etc

  35. I like this style, how did you make it and how would you recommend making late 19th early 20th century postcards of a similar vain, though I’m thinking smaller regions. Thanks

  36. Modern medicine is rape? How does a baby consent? Antivaxxers are truly a dumb breed. At least the problem solves itself.

  37. Well the parents should consent for their infant child. Many places have mandatory infant vaccination straight out of the womb. I agree that most vaccines work, but it should still be up to the parents and up to the child once they reach maturity (12-13 imo)

  38. Sadly I can’t see it Well my diplomatic favour is back at +2

  39. Oh alright sorry it didn’t work if you give me five I could test some things on my game real quick if you want to see if there’s a way

  40. It’s alright my dude How could you delete Civ6 though

  41. Got it on steam and wanted to clear up space. It kept crashing on my xbox

  42. Let’s make America like it was in the 1800s again but without killing the Indians and dying of malaria.

  43. Just in Adobe Illustrator and then pasted the PNGs into a Google doc haha

  44. Yeah the simplest tools are best im not really a software person so

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