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  1. My friend’s birthday is coming up and all I know is that she’s obsessed with Genshin and loves Zhong Li. I don’t think Genshin does gift cards, any gift ideas? Are there any characters that everyone likes?

  2. A vision keyring could be a fun and not too expensive gift!

  3. Hi, I just hit AR20 and unlocked the battle pass and some new events along with the Level 36 bosses and the spiral abyss. I only have a 4 star team in the mid 20s at the moment. Am I supposed to grind out my team more or should I just bite the bullet and do these events underleveled?

  4. Wait with Abyss until you have stronger characters. You won’t reach floor 9 now anyway, and floor 1-8 will always be there. I didn’t go for it until after I finished the Inazuma storyline.

  5. Hopefully this is an alright place to ask this- the codashop community on Reddit seems dead.

  6. Does the payment show in your bank history? If not, and it has been over an hour, it likely didn’t go through correctly. Check with your friend if they got what you paid for in the game. If not, just buy it again. If it did, contact codashop support and see what you should do.

  7. Do you think there's any chance of yelan appearing in second half of 3.4? I want to be prepared for losing 5050 on ayato banner

  8. If you’re unsure, wait with wishing on Ayato until after the 3.4 livestream when we know the banners officially.

  9. Aaron’s season’s greetings will be sold through

  10. Omg, he’s actually doing a full SG! I expected a calendar at most, but instead we’re getting an ocean of SGs after the drought last year!

  11. btw guys this is the groups that i suggested to them stayc red velvet day6 nct txt enhypen woodz ive wjsn

  12. Considering the bottom album isn’t one of those, maybe Day6 was the only one they had out of those groups and it just happened to be stacked on other albums when they took the pic?

  13. For the other curious people, OP posted a pic

  14. She doesn’t have any albums as of yet. We’re in south Florida so Atlanta would be the closest. Is there a way to know if a autographed album is legit? I’ve seen so many that look like scams from China

  15. The seller handdollmaking on eBay is legit, and I think they have a few signed Stray Kids album in stock rn.

  16. Disclaimer, I could not find any translations of this interview so I attempted to translate it myself. It is more than a machine translated interview, but as I am not fluent I might have made mistakes.

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