1. Not even a real doctor. Down vote me for pointing this fact out. Hide the truth!

  2. The US has set up and entire task force to examine these and the pentagon is involved. They don’t ignore them at all

  3. They set up task forces, wasted millions on them and found geese. All this money and resources wasted just to fuel conspiracy theorists fantasies.


  5. Girlfriend and I have our desks beside each other, it's a constant "where are you?" Because this game was not designed to be played with others.

  6. You just made a huge complaint post about having to do things you don't like, having to stay away from things you do like... And finish by wondering why others are complaining... Headslammingly stupid

  7. Hopefully there's enough children ready to keep up with the EV market. Thoughts and prayers.

  8. Well, in this case it looks like they are using the crawl under the door trick, but instead of getting inside the house, his body clips the edge of the invisible wall which is usually lined up with the house wall, allowing him to walk the length of it. Every one I have used goes out pretty damn far but inclines up to the skybox, this one just ended and he fell to the ground.

  9. Has nothing to do with climbing or diving into an invisible wall, this is so easy to replicate as well.

  10. Oh lord, you deleted your previous response in which you deleted while I was responding. But it looks pretty much the same way I do it but on a much smaller scale.

  11. This guy is right, if the game became good then the game would be good. Stop complaining and just imagine if the game was good. A good game would probably win an award. Maybe New World just needs to win an award and then it will be good.

  12. I wouldn't be surprised if everything is being outsourced to multiple companies around the globe, and this is the obvious result.

  13. Ya, remove the goose sounds! Would love to see what breaks when they attempt that. Probably have to turn off storage for a week.

  14. Yep. People don’t seem to get that you can do just about anything with software if you are willing to put in the work, and seems to me that the devs are willing with the amount of bugfixes so far.

  15. Exactly, the devs have shown time and time again that they are on the right track, consistently improving the game.

  16. Lol just logged in and got 200k, do I buy shit with it or will I get banned?

  17. Oh man, overwolf has ruined new world for you. Game was perfect until you could navigate the world better.

  18. 300 km a day is very unusual, I doubt less that 1% of the lower mainland drives that much. Where do you drive that you travel that much daily?

  19. Hope to everywhere in the Valley. Usual area is from Surrey to North Van.

  20. Lineups started last night after this was announced. Who could have predicted this?

  21. Think about it. When the merges happen they will be Rollin in gold

  22. pck3 says:

    This won't be the last dupe either. I mean they are fixing issues now that are THE EXAXT SAME methods of gold duping and item duping as before.

  23. There's one other method which involves the TP, which is nearly the same exact method used since beta to complete town boards without losing items.

  24. I'm not sure why you would think anybody on the internet would believe anything w/out some form of basic evidence.

  25. Exactly, it took me far to long to stop believing what AGS was telling us, despite being shown untrue again and again.

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