what i imagine conductors do in orchestras.

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Ukraine fears western support will fade as media loses interest in the war

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  1. googlaðu bara þitt verkafélag + veikindaréttindi

  2. Nothing wrong with taxes, problem is you get so little for the taxes paid. Healthcare being the elephant in the room.

  3. Start with cones of calibration.

  4. Seems like since the recession all the jobs I’ve held have been running on razor thin margins when it comes to staffing, and I’m not sure why this is. There’s absolutely zero accounting for people going on vacation, people quitting/training new hires, even someone calling out sick, there’s no buffer at all. And whenever that happens the whole department struggles and finds itself in a bad place making up for it. Scary thought, maybe it was designed like we’re infinitely playing catch up, we’re tricked that this is temporary but this in fact it’s the business model.

  5. Stop making up for it. Fuckers are counting on everyone doing more.

  6. Use magnets so you can use any of these.

  7. I didn’t realize how powerful propaganda is until this war. I love WWII history and it always blew my mind how so many Germans were complicit. I think I’m starting to understand, especially considering there wasn’t any internet.

  8. State Propaganda is why Germans were so angry after ww1. State propaganda was telling Germans that they were winning. Then boom, they lost.

  9. Thanks for the explanation.

  10. Those wars were predicated on 'lies' and for many people the war with Afghanistan was retribution for 9/11,so we had skin in the game.

  11. Supporting Ukraine is the cheapest way to fuck over Russia.

  12. Shearing force. That part didn't come off the fep, then later came unstuck.

  13. I know what it the temperature difference, I live in Ireland it's always very cold. I turned on the custom heater that I installed in it, but definitely it didn't change the temperature from the bottom, I will need to buy a thermometer to check the temperature from the bottom before I start printing. It's funny tho because this is happening only after hours and hours of print, by this time it should be warm enough to avoid this issue. Thanks for your help

  14. Is the heater turning on and off to maintain Temps?

  15. Getting a picture of a person is down to a tattoo artist's skill, because there is a lot of shading involved in making a person look like a person and shading is done freehand.

  16. This is how my tattoo was done in 1995.

  17. I’ve seen pro movers who don’t blink twice at laundry machines get a look of dread when they pull up the cushions on a sofa to find out it’s a sofa bed.

  18. A sofa bed is easily disassembled, usually only 5 bolts to remove the bed. Makes for much easier handling.

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