If it still isn't clear to anyone, the fact that two COMPLETELY unrelated companies have the exact same charts is CONFIRMATION that they are MANIPULATED THE SAME WAY, this is WALL STREET, this is the AMERICAN MARKET, THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU. BUY, HOLD, DRS.

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  1. Etwas mehr Solidarität dem geminem pöbel gegenüber wäre damals auch nett gewesen, der adel hat dies aber nicht für notwendig gehalten...

  2. Glaube er meint bei uns in der heutigen zeit in dieser situation...

  3. Ein weltrekord der jetzt ein jahr lang aufrecht war.

  4. My favorite story was someone using an immovable rod while on a ship. It stayed right where it was. The ship kept going.

  5. What about flying away from an enemy and they dont let you leave... Put immovable rod behind you and let it pierce through them with their own speed. Hehe

  6. It’s from Soul Eater- the character is the holy sword Excalibur. He’s a very….eccentric character.

  7. I hated him so much. I watched it again and forgot he existed, skipped his episodes completely... I just cant.

  8. Man we here to play smash and beat each other up in a game and have fun.

  9. I got a gc controller to use at tourneys but I actually hate it so much more than the pro c. Too small so they hurt my hands after a while, no left bumper, etc

  10. Nein also meine Mieterhöhung von 100€ nächstes ninat ist total gerechtfertigt, mein Vermieter hat ja schließlich vor 30 jahren einmal ein neues fenster verbaut. Diese hohen kosten bei Investitionen können ja schließlich nicht von den besitzern getragen werden. Die müssen ja wirklich schaun wie sie über die runden kommen die armen.

  11. Anon is wrong its not for 1million and 1000 People to see. Cmon anon...

  12. Oh, I’m not saying you should trust them, quite the opposite in fact. All I’m saying is that they didn’t make a promise to not change the OGL, all they said is that they’re leaving it as is. Saying their “leaving it as is” is a current action, saying that they promise not to change the OGL is a future plan.

  13. If you are mtf, I think they are more sus of you being horny for women than you being one. (Overly horny men tend to play female characters as much as possible.(not just in ttrpgs))

  14. I just like their physique. They just have prettier body proportions to me, so i often play females ingame. But not horny for them.

  15. You know not all women have "high pitch girly voices", don't you? concerned Padme face

  16. I know but get that, no female character that i'd play would have a low pitched voice like mine. :D

  17. I understand that there are market participants doing scummy things, some quite real, some being misunderstandings (like how no one here seems to understand market makers don't need intraday locates, so even if you lock up 100% of float, they still provide liquidity).

  18. ELi5? I don’t know anything about the flipperZ but they seem very interesting and useful

  19. That last line is such a stretch.

  20. I agree it is. But i just had that feeling. Obviously everyone can do whatever they want with it

  21. You should look up what this word means before using it...

  22. My website works by searching different archive websites like, Wayback Machine and so on. So if I am forced to remove a domain I would be able to simply redirect users to the archive. These archives are legal and do not violate dmca so redirecting users to a third party website should not violate any laws, and the website will be just as effective.

  23. Wouldnt it be enough to write your source as those websites?

  24. Get it printed? From who? Depending on where you guys are i could print one. Got a resin printer if you got the files

  25. There’s a print store in the mall that prints resin. Files are available on thingiverse and the flipper site

  26. Es gibt immer irgendwo lücken. Frage is hald wie einfach/schnell man sie finden kann.

  27. Nein du verstehst mich falsch. Du sagtest es sollte keinen spielraum geben, ich sag nur es wird immer einen geben.

  28. Mir tut's nicht weh. Aber du brauchst halt einen mehr, mindestens. Aufzeichnen, abspulen, aufnehmen, wann wird das Interview eingespielt, das alles beachtest du nicht.

  29. Ich beachte es. Aber sama sich ehrlich die kriegen genug geld das sowas ka problem sein sollte 3 leute mehr einzustelln oder 10...

  30. Ein interview pro woche? Die könnens ja bei allen sportevents nutzen, da wird das ja recht oft gemacht. Und sogar beim skifahren, wie in dem beispiel, alleine kommt das relativ oft vor.

  31. Glaub ned... Es anzige was mal war das du keine waffe kriegst ohne dem gwd für a lange zeit aber das is ja schon nimmer so. Mit begründung kriegst wieder, und die begründung polizist zu sein is vollkommen ausreichend. Wenn scho reicht "wär gern sportschütze".

  32. Wenns ma nach 10 zlaut san schrei ichs kurz an aus dem komfort meines eigenen heims.

  33. Für mich liegt das an der Coca Cola und dem Redbull oder dem Fake Bull vom Hofer. Das hat es so früher einfach nicht gegeben und ist extrem schädlich für die Gelenke.

  34. Für mich... Ja eh schön dass du das denkst. Aber is hald ned wahr

  35. You'll be needing a new one sooner than later, petrol dissolves plastic.

  36. Petrol dissolves certain typea of plastics. Not every plastic

  37. Of course there are hardened polymers that it won't eat through, it's just those with chemical simarities to petrol.

  38. Hardened? Which does have chemical similiarities to petrol that do get damaged by it?

  39. The morally right thing is to spend ten seconds out of your day to acknowledge another person who is talking to you who is in distress and sympathizing with their plight. You aren't obligated to be a good person by law or anything. It's just the right thing to do.

  40. So you are seriously saying its morally the right thing?

  41. What If ge accidentally rename his/her mother's name as side chick 🤔

  42. Doesnt matter. Its just for the first shock moment when she sees it haha

  43. I dunno man, I’d rather swing my dick around lifting heavy shit then sit at a desk being a receptionist. If that’s ur idea of inequality, ur kind of a bitch. No shit women aren’t ideal firefighters, although there are a few outliers, but the equality comes from a stance of understanding that we’re all human that deserves equal rights and pay. U sign on to your job with full understanding of what you might need to do, so do women. To then be thrust into an environment you did not sign up for because some fucking incel is bitter he’s never had his cock sucked wants to enact his idea of equality is retarded. Women aren’t under the illusion that they can do everything men do, it’s men that are under the illusion equality means doing manly shit, with our ever considering the other side of the spectrum, because this train of thought implies being a woman is easier. It’s equal, that’s the fucking point. We both have our ups and downs. We punch holes in walls and suppress emotions, women literally fucking bleed out their fuck hole once a month for a fucking week with cramps. They literally have fucking sacks hanging off their chest which can fuck up their backs and are told by society to keep them big milkers to please other people they haven’t even met yet. Literally my gf said she never felt safe walking home in the dark. Bruh that shit hasn’t even crossed my mind as a man, and ur basically saying “be equal, just do it”. This shit is so retarded dudes, seriously. Having this stance just just shows how truly out of touch so much of Reddit is.

  44. I dunno man, but i have nothing against equal rights and pay. Pay isnt an issue anymore since a long time, and the so called "wage gap" is bullshit.

  45. the slogan of women?? cool down with the sexism dude

  46. Of so called "feminists". Used in those cute little lines because we all know the word isnt used the way it was meant to be used.

  47. Bringst du grad a ernsthaftes Argument in an Joke-Thread. Für sowas brauch ich Vorbereitungszeit.

  48. Haha Oof. Da spar ich ma die politik und religion... Da komma so scho genug in deppade situationen durch kleinigkeiten 😅

  49. Wir sollten nicht verwundert sein, zu der zeit war das damals gang und gebe. Ich sag nicht das es richtig war, aber wenn er sich geändert hat... No harm done i guess

  50. some even do it for free because it’s soo saturated now lol

  51. Who cares you sad guy? She's probably living the best life you could never have.

  52. You know that i literally said the same thing? Responded to the wrong person or what?

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