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  1. One of them is clearly cheating by standing uphill.

  2. I’ve waited 8years to the play cyberpunk only to realise I dont now have the capability to play it, being over 30 now with children and a family doesn’t allow me to spend money on the necessary upgrades.... good luck to everyone entering!

  3. I am close to level 60 and don't have a purple staff, not even close. Please kill me.

  4. I’m level 65 and don’t have a green staff. No joke...

  5. I have the pleasure of working in Ironbridge and have walked over the bridge thousands of times. Tons of history around the town but it still amazes me how much tourism it attracts from all over the world!

  6. I only have two emails, one is and the other is I’ve checked both as this would be the most logical solution.

  7. So your games are deleted from epic accounts and "coincidentally" your email receipt too? Yeah right.

  8. I get the scepticism but I have proof in the form of bank statements which I’ve shared with Epic. There are transaction ID’s which they should be able to track on their system.

  9. You need to have completed the first mortgage [5k to Nook] and have given 5 insects or fish to Blathers. Once he's in your town and you have a house I think Tommy will ask you for three different wood types and iron.

  10. I have built my first home and nearly paid off the 98k for it. The museum is built and I’ve collected 25-40 different fossils/bugs/fish. I’ve spoken to tommy several times and he’s currently just moaning about me paying off the 98k.

  11. Maybe try to pay off the 98k and see if that works

  12. I found the problem. My daughter who plays also, had the chat option so she needed to be the one to talk and complete it.

  13. yeah that would be good. You dont need a z97 with that cpu. What are you planning on doing with this computer?

  14. I'll be using it for pleasure, with a fair amount of gaming/music etc, what with GTA and similar games coming up i really need to upgrade.

  15. Oh okay. Well you're going to need a graphics card if you want to game with this machine. Otherwise itll suck massive dick. You said 550 is your max right?

  16. I went there early in the year and All I wanted was a cano-burger. All they actually cooked on the BBQ was chicken and sausages. Sad times fell upon me that day...

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