To get away with sexually assaulting a woman

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Fuck it. I'll join the downvote train. Who needs karma from ignorant fucks too afraid to find the truth for themselves.

  2. Pakistan State Oil bro representing the toxicity


  4. The original post somewhere else had someone explain how this breed of cats, possibly a munchkin, is a man-made breed and that these animals have a difficult life filled with problems. This post isn't funny once you understand that what the cat is doing isn't cute, it's suffering.

  5. The original post has someone who answered this. Simple explanation: Man-made breeds like the munchkin cause severe problems and a difficult life for pets who're often sick. Bulldogs, pugs, etc. are common examples of "genetic messes," or "abominations" as some put it.

  6. Makes me wanna do a duo with you. Awesome calculated gameplay. And always amazing to see perfectly executed MMCs. Nicely done. Hope you get the solo clear IF you haven't already.

  7. Another way for it to happen is if you're glitched enough that two of the players aren't able to see each other move. Two incompatible players will be in the same game, and will appear to others as normal. But to each other, they won't know when the other player died. This can be pretty fucked up because everybody else assumes that you can get to the downed dude but you don't even see them get downed.

  8. Hey Berrek, Exiled here. I see MMC as the happy love child of a bunch of different systems in the game. I also think that MMC gets a ridiculous amount of hate, when there are other things far, far more broken in the game.

  9. Nah not really. I run imperfect rolls and I do just fine. Also SK is good to have but not a necessity imo. Just gotta be good with managing resources I suppose.

  10. You, my friend, are good. Take my upvote.

  11. Yes this is called a genogram and some therapists will use it but you can also request to do it if it's helpful for you to put your life story in order. It can give more structure to the sessions if that's appealing to you.

  12. The only thing missing is the gold old MMC

  13. The guy was caught and tortured to death by the police. Happened in Pakistan. When the video leaked out of the guy being tortured and then being found dead later on due to the said torture, the state banned video cameras and phones in all police stations and government institutions. Third world dystopia.

  14. Bruh like what did he do, I mean I kinda get why they torture pedophiles and murderers to death but an idiot who got his card swallowed? He must’ve did something worse than than.

  15. The word dystopia has a different context in Pakistan. The corruption and ignorance is to the point where you'd be the one the cops interrogate if you report you got mugged.

  16. Just keep equipping higher level Ki until you get to 110. That's when you need to start focusing on your build. Everything lower than 110 is just temporary and will be useless after a game or two.

  17. What's the song playing in the background?

  18. Definitely. But hey man, if anybody can do it, it's y'all with your badassery. Proud to have played with y'all.

  19. I didn't think Don was still playing. But legendary stuff man. Getting close to soloing it with sam I see :D

  20. I doubt a person that does that type of stuff is on the subreddit. Most people here are cool unless they want to fight about SSB vs. WS all day.

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