Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's heartbreaking, defiant speech to the Russian people [English subtitles]

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  1. If you are 18 you should focus on something like zeqt, veqt, zeqt and so on. It's not sexy but you have 40 years of diversified investing ahead of you.

  2. Globally diversified ETFs are part of my plan once I increase my income, right now i’m trying to find a bunch good dividend buy and holds that I can DRIP until my retirement, right now those include TD, BNS, ENB, H, BAM.A, i’m looking to add to the list. Like you said, i’m 18 and have 40+ years of investing, therefore my risk tolerance is quite high right now. I’d rather make a mistake now than in 10 years

  3. I started looking into FI/RE at around 30 years old. And even then, no one I knew seemed interested in investing at all, let alone retiring early.

  4. Thank you for the very thoughtful comment. I have brought up FIRE/investing with my closest friends, and i enjoy it. however they can’t really contribute to the conversation, that or they just straight up aren’t interested. I do have one friend who claims he “day trades”, but I certainly won’t be talking to him. If finding like minded friends is as hard as you claim, I guess it’s gonna take me a while to find a future partner.

  5. This is why I’m mostly on Reddit tbh. Can’t really find new ideas and people more knowledgeable about investing than I am in the real world. When I’m on Reddit I feel like a digital monkey, exchanging ideas with other digital primates in a giant ass tree (which I like to think is the subs lol)

  6. I guess I feel the exact same way. That is an awesome perspective, thank you.

  7. Thank you for the well thought out comment, I have no interest in trading necessarily. I mostly meant that I have a genuine interest in the world of investing and i’m willing to turn it into a hobby of sorts to aid in my retirement journey. This applies to any market but the stock market is constantly changing, I turned 18 and dumped 12k into my tfsa… 1 month later Russia invaded Ukraine, I definitely got a good headstart in risk tolerance lol

  8. Yes, go ahead and open a taxable account now. National Bank has no trading fees. In January, you could do a securities transfer from your taxable account to your TFSA account as long as it doesn't exceed the limit and that would count as your contribution and then it will be tax free growth. The market is likely to continue to drop for a bit more, so there is no hurry to buy now or in a few weeks even, plus you're young, so you have a long investment time horizon, this year isn't going to matter much over several decades of growth.

  9. I use wealthsimple so that Is where i’d be opening the taxable account, would I able to do a security transfer with ws as well?

  10. Give the suspension a refresh with new bushings, put a nice sound system in it, and just keep up with the maintenance. 55k miles is nothing

  11. Thanks for your reply, radio/sound system is definitely up there on my list. This is my first car and I have very little knowledge on cars in general, but i’m hoping youtube can guide towards turning her into a beauty.

  12. No better return on investment then kids Costly yes but benefits outweigh any amount

  13. Oh of course, there is no better accomplishment than bringing life into this world and carrying on your legacy. Just want to make sure I get my slice of life before I even consider having kids.

  14. I know i’m missing tech , but I don’t know enough about the sector, yet.

  15. These are all solid holdings IMO. You just bought high, and market is currently a bit down. You say “HODL for Life”, but then are asking about whether or not you should sell them… Develop an investing strategy/thesis and stick to it. Why did you buy these stocks, and has that reason changed?’

  16. I’m not thinking of selling out of fear, I’m thinking of selling because all I hear is that ETFs end up outperforming stock pickers most of the time. Correct me if i’m wrong by all means.

  17. If I could go back to being 18 (even though I wouldn't have been able to use an RRSP and we didn't have TFSA's). I'd have still thrown it in a non reg account. Let it grow over the years and never really worry about it. More of a set it and forget look back at it 10 yrs later to see how it's doing. I'd have aimed for growth stocks too and less dividend stocks. And as long as you don't sell you don't have to worry about taxes. Most of the growth stocks pay almost little to no dividends, so no worries for you on taxes unless you sell them.

  18. Set it and forget is my investing strategy as a whole, any stock I buy I don’t want to sell until i’m 50 at least.

  19. You can open an RRSP but not claim it against your taxes until a future year when you have a higher salary. This will provide tax sheltered growth, better than non-reg.

  20. I believe you, but can you direct me to a government site that mentions this?

  21. We all remember what it was like to be a know it all bratty teen. Shouldn’t you be paying attention to your teacher right now

  22. No, i’m actually at work right now. Since we’ve resorted to insults now, I highly doubt you were making $20 an hour at 18. Just thought i’d put that out there to make you a little more envious.

  23. So you’re making about 30% above minimum wage, I was making about the same percent over minimum wage at your age. You’re doing as well as you think you are, your optimism will get a reality check when you enter the real world. And I’m not a boomer, we’ll be getting our diapers changed together most likely

  24. Then why are you berating me? I don’t think it’s smart to be resenting those younger than you, save that for when you’re a grumpy old fart.

  25. What is the best way to grow wealth outside of income? For example if you won 100k in the lottery, what's the smartest investment?

  26. Simple answer would be S&P500. If you think you can pick stocks and do better you’re wrong, the S&P500 already does it better than you.

  27. This sounded strange to me from a pfc ckmmebt so I checked his history... turns out its not editorialized, its just a fact. Dude regularly posts to a special interest subreddit.

  28. I know insults aren’t welcome on the sub, this time though I felt it was fair only to put him in his place.

  29. I hope you can soon replace your envy with Joy of your own.

  30. My guess is that there were some insignificant shots fired just to keep people from sleeping.

  31. Would be very stupid for the Russians to not pressure kyiv today if they are in any way able to.

  32. Russia has mobilized the most at dawn the last 2 days.

  33. Don't fall for the missiles guys, no matter how hot they are.

  34. How is it that you manage to be on every post with nothing but negativity? No encouragement, no helpful tips ,but straight ugliness? Do you have no job? No hobby?

  35. In all contexts, Unicef is the last place to donate if you want your money reaching its cause.

  36. Nothing wrong with the amount if you plan to purchase a car in the near future

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