1. Youtube autoflowers. Simple answer. Stunted growth doesn't stop the time it takes to flower. Stress her out to much and you'll be left with a shitty yeild. Low stress only

  2. Yes 100%. When this grows up, it will produce flowers that can influence you to eat alot and sleep well. Also known to cause paranoia under heavy consumption.

  3. Yellowing is normal. Fan leaves should be dying off a few weeks before harvest. Its a sign she's ending her flowering cycle. Don't go feeding nutes after a flush unless your trying to ruin your end result. Let her eat whats left in her leaves, this is the time where you water and wait.

  4. You should probably start water first

  5. Leaves changing colour is a part of the process. Plant is using remaining newts in its leaves. Get yourself a cheap magnifying glass and check daily. Your looking for a rough estimate of 10% amber tricomes. Then chop. Chopping while the plant if all green will leave you with harsh terpless product.

  6. 15-20% is the safe recommendation for newbies as at this ratio it's about at the highest THC point, before then and alot of heads can still be clear and not cloudy, depending on strain aswell though 😊

  7. Good point, as an indoor beginner this is a very safe way to go about it. With outdoors, there are alot more stresses that intice the plant to ripen quicker leading to most tricomes turning cloudy before the first signs of amber show. 10% amber in outdoor pots is equivalent to 15-20% indoor on a safe scale

  8. You could be on point. I use CMX and was told to use for every drink. I was a little heavy handed one day, the measuring syringe was inside and I just tipped some in bucket water. I thought, mmm, may be a tad too much but thought it would be ok... obviously not. I'll keep that away from the plants until harvest

  9. 🤣🤣 classic 'shell be right' moment. How they doing now?

  10. Oh well, what can ya do. Aslog as she's not herming out. Still looks like some good stuff

  11. I use Autopots. I fill up the 20L res and my three girls drink all 20L every 2 days. Feeding 3/4 strength coco canna a+b and 3/4 strength flairform budstorm which i introduced a few weeks ago. No other issues.

  12. Keep an eye on how the colour changes over the next few days. Products like canna are made so they are the only products used. Throwing in another product from another company can cause issues. Mr grow it has a few interviews explaining the issues this can cause. I'd recommend not using flair form until you read up on exactly whats in it and how it works with exactly whats in canna

  13. Cheers bro. I was not aware of that but after doing some research it makes sense. I may have screwed up the balance trying to mix nutes from diffeeent brands but will monitor over next couple days and drop the flairform if more bud sites start to exhibit same behaviour.

  14. Good stuff bro. Learn and grow, this is the way Let us know how she comes along 🤙

  15. Bro!! What are those suger leaves. Crazy looking stuff dude. Keep it going and I might have to hassle you for some seeds 😅😅

  16. Only thing I would critique would be to start lst in final pot. You don't want to low stress and then stress more with transplant. Just use mychor when you do trans

  17. I've heard good things. Looks like your already showing deficiencies. What media you using?

  18. And a ceiling light by the looks of it

  19. You loose alot of flavour with this method, should get a press bro

  20. Cut rotten buds as far down as you can and if you can, trellis or tie your colas apart from each other. Avoid spreading mold and get as much air flow between sites.

  21. This is exactly what it should look like when the plants using the remaining nutes in its leaves before harvest. Beautiful colour. Hope your not continuing to feed her. Its leach time

  22. With air conditioning and dehumidifiers obviously

  23. Read again :) Cooling without AC and without dropping RH.

  24. Well I use a small intake vent with extraction set to extract at 24° which does the job but reduces humidity fast. There is reverse conditioning but that drys a room. Not magic. Just looking for some kiwi enginuity to reduce wattage. Some people have used ice buckets with tubing and a fan that stays cold for 3+ days.

  25. Did it fall over due to its own weight?

  26. She may have been lacking manganese (and potassium) in the early stages and didn't grow strong enough stems. You'll need to trellis early to keep her up right.

  27. Just hairs browning. Looks like your not far off some dense one 🤙

  28. Calcium def. Don't use cal mag, mag not needed. Just a calcium foliage spray to the undersides of the leaves 30mins before light on. You don't want to add much to ffof and adding mag where its not needed could cause problems

  29. What could I use for calcium? When I try and find something online it’s only showing me calmag solutions

  30. Yeah you want completely avoid mag. Just need to look at the ratio. This stuff should be more than ideal

  31. No drainage, straight dirt. Like a homeless man drowning. You probs have root rot and zero nutes.

  32. If your feeding dry nutes then it takes a couple of weeks for the media to break it down to a for. The plants can uptake. If your using liquids and its getting worse then you may have nutrient lock out and will need to check soil ph and or flush

  33. Not familiar with Goliath products but she looks hungry. Are you still feeding nitrogen and phosphorus?

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