1. Worked for me in NZ. Did you let it know your location? It will block you if you don't.

  2. Excuse my ignorance but 42-31 is a reasonably close game. Also it's an under 19 team picked from the best players in NZ playing against an under 19 provincial team in South Africa I assume? Please correct me if I'm wrong. The result doesn't seem that unusual to me unless I'm missing something?

  3. This game was close but the two previous were not.

  4. Sources: the Oklahoma City Thunder are ‘closely monitoring’ Trae Young’s situation in Atlanta

  5. Everyone knew this would be the next major trade rumor hub once the Mitchell trade went down.

  6. Lamelo is going to start soon

  7. Not that im aware of, wing and centre are the two most transferrable skillsets. Plenty of players in NRL would have grown up playing 10/15 in school tho.

  8. Notably no specific time frame kinda hinting he doesn’t seem to think they’re not tanking this year. Feel like he would at least hint at this season if it was the case

  9. Easy to say when you have the richest team owner in a big market.

  10. No point being in the middle. Win or get better talent. It's not a particularly complicated concept.

  11. This meme won't work for the Knicks

  12. If he had held on to it longer it would be a Kimura lock

  13. Has he won anything without Wayne Smith?

  14. Saying that giving a penalty then is inconsistent with time wasting earlier is dumb. Of course the last 90 seconds of a game that is on the line is more important.

  15. Which, in the history of the US trying to do that, has not successfully worked even once. (maybe Iraq; remains to be seen).

  16. Germany, Japan, South Korea

  17. There's a video posted here of Foketi absolutely losing his shit behind Foley because he was refusing to kick it. If your own team can see what's going to happen and are telling you to get on with it, you've messed up...

  18. That probably made it more obvious to the ref also

  19. Foley fucked up, his backline was screaming at him to kick.

  20. Lol that's the right call but absolutely brutal. Just didn't hear him call time on. Nobody in any level of rugby is dumb enough to give away the scrum there for deliberate time wasting.

  21. His backline was screaming at him to kick it

  22. SGA is on a max contract, and they’ve built the team around him. I suspect he’ll stay.

  23. You just created an entire narrative out of some harmless banter.

  24. Yes. Out of some harmless banter and a logical analysis of how deep our bench is.

  25. According to Google Rieko has 40 pounds on Tyreek

  26. Hill was a U20 World Championship medallist ... in athletics. 10.19 and even 20.14 as a 18 y.o. No way Ioane is faster than him.

  27. If you google each players in game top speed, Rieko is faster. No doubt, Tyreek is more likely to be faster over 100 meters but top speed is probably a more applicable metric in rugby.

  28. Okay look. I get this dude is Canadian but he’s on a 4 year deal. He’s in a similar situation to what Booker was in. I don’t see him asking out and I doubt the Raptors would want to trade for him ahyway

  29. 5 years fully guaranteed

  30. Okc don't need more picks. They need players like SGA

  31. It’s been happening for a long time. I knew a teacher who married a student, maybe in the 1970s.

  32. My uncle groomed my aunt around that time.

  33. It's literally a taunt, which is not allowed normally. Nobody knows how to act when people are just literally allowed to taunt you for 60 seconds.

  34. It's the traditional swing from left to right in NZ politics. Most get two terms, if you're lucky you'll get three.

  35. You'll have more success in

  36. A few people have said he looks bigger in person than his listed height.

  37. Dumb attitude, and outdated imo. You can’t get expect a man to just forgive and forget any behaviour, no matter how reprehensible, just because it happened in a rugby field. Coles is a shit person both on and off the field. A man in his 30s who still acts like he’s the big dog at high school.

  38. SGA is over tanking. I get we can get better by tanking but we risk losing him the longer we tank.

  39. Have you spoken to him?

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