1. Looks like he is living his life with not a care in the world….at this point folks need to let it go

  2. Same here plz! I'm 33, 200lbs (200.8 this morning to be exact)

  3. Can I get in on this? I’m 34(35 next week), SW: 228 CW:222 with a goal of 155!

  4. Definetly a pitbull mix, pits are considered terriers btw

  5. Thanks, I just found it odd since on the other dogs they stated Pitt mix but for her it was just terrier

  6. Interesting! How big is he? Is he full grown yet? What region did he come from?

  7. So she is only 14 weeks old and a little over 20 lbs so definitely no full grown just yet

  8. Congratulations!! Good luck on your CISSP journey!

  9. Im in the same boat, I have a M.S and 3 higher level certs above my baseline cert and no one can give me a solid answer besides "show what you do for your people" but then I feel some kind of way of taking credit for their accomplishments just because I mentored them (which is my job).

  10. I will go maskless when I can wait less than an hour at whataburger in CO springs

  11. We have to really establish our true identity, sadly we are just Air Force 2.0. I don’t think we will see any real change until everyone that was in the Air Force is gone

  12. Have conviction that you are doing your best and what is right, I was passed over for promotion again this year but I know at the end of the day I gave my all and that is what matters

  13. if you're talking about AF - we likely won't hold an application window for AF again until sometime in 22 for 23 transfers... too soon to know what ranks/AFSCs we'll need.

  14. The real question is where is the clear guidance on upgrade training for 3Ds?!

  15. Yup, I have a bunch of specialists coming from tech school with no published CFETP and no clear way forward🙃

  16. I heard from my sponsor last week, too bad it was after I was already in my current position. Besides network issues barring true feedback, it was helpful to know the way forward

  17. When you got a Promote and still think you have a chance.

  18. I’m so glad I made it when there was still testing, otherwise I would be “TSgt for life”

  19. Hopefully someone will be joining me at the comm sq at peterson....

  20. So there is a space delta there at least 1 or 2. Unfortunately for me what was available was the comm sq or HQ and I’m assuming since I spent the last 5 years at ACC HQ they didn’t want to send me to another command position which I’m ok with for the most part.

  21. I got my assignment! Well I was notified by my gaining unit I was on their roster. I’m a 3D and join spouse so that could have affected things

  22. I was so excited to see mine updated as well, though being join spouse I have learned to not rely on normal procedures

  23. Was my flight CC at Whiteman and I never had a single issue with her, she was a captain back then

  24. Also it depends on your AFSC, we know the 3D team is behind and might not do the talent management for cycle A

  25. After 15 years my brain is too fried to learn a new insignia

  26. Yes, I’m signed into the CVR teams on my cell phone but on the top right, there is a plus sign and an option to search for specific team groups

  27. Thank you for this of course I am having difficulties getting on to Teams at the moment. May I ask is the phone you are using a government phone?

  28. Nope, do you have a CVR teams account? I have the regular teams account on NIPR and a CVR account.

  29. My question wasn't about the short term. Obviously the rates now stink. But they'll go back up, and I'd rather have my money in a bank that'll stay competitive when that happens.

  30. Obviously your time frame is shorter than ours but we are saving using mutual funds in a brokerage account. While there is risk to it, when we started we were over 8 years out from buying our forever home so it was worth it to us

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