1. On e 100 south of cedar there is free on street. 2 hour limit some places but less than a three minute walk to crile

  2. Dunno why the down votes. You do get free parking under a certain time. I did last time I was there a few weeks ago

  3. It’s the clinic. No such thing a lesser known lots… just find the closest deck to Crile. Do No Valet park, you’ll wait forever to get your car to leave

  4. I did some shopping for an Afghan Refugee family that was relocated and I went to a store on Lorain Rd just east of W. 117th but there seems to be quite a few Arabic stores in the area as well.

  5. Children’s museum in Akron and Cleveland are fun. Science center in Cleveland. Edgewater park has one of the largest playgrounds in Ohio. Every city has a zoo. Cleveland zoo is free on Monday to cuyahoga county residents. Various free splash pads (Crocker park) That’s just off the top of my head (sorry if it’s not helpful I live in Cleveland)

  6. His church needs to pay taxes if they are gonna tell people how to vote

  7. Botanist has always been high. Along with Rise. I try to drive for better deals

  8. I Uber at 4am. I live in Lakewood. I typically schedule the night before for 20mins ahead of time

  9. This is a mile away from house. I’m fucking devastated. 10 people are dead, they just wanted to buy food for this beautiful weekend and some sick fuck took their lives. I’m just livid.

  10. Worst part is, He planned it all out and drove there from a few hours away. This is a sick bastard. And because of gun laws at 18 he can buy then legally

  11. It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not. If someone wants a gun, they’ll find one.

  12. Too be fair. She could very well be single. And pregnant women are Super horny!

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