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  • By - MBMV

  1. The people above who are commenting that your parents love you as if they know them need to absolutely back off and take a seat.

  2. Maybe you run in circles where that kind of grammar is more prevalent, to me I couldn't make it 2 sentences in without it sticking into my eyeballs like a couple of daggers.

  3. That is a You Problem. They used perfectly correct and acceptable English.

  4. Why are you using "They"? DiMA is a male character and is referred to as Nick's brother. Are you worried about misgendering a fictional android?

  5. No but I've found it only happen if I try to use the sliders. Still sucks but being limited is definitely less frustrating than that glitch.

  6. Thanks for commenting, I stopped playing months ago because it was so incredibly frustrating, I can't believe it's still a thing.

  7. Me too, thank you for letting me know there is a work around

  8. I absolutely love it!!! Thank you for my new phone wallpaper

  9. This might sound strange but copy from other artists drawings whose style you like, not always from photos.

  10. That's me while Lara talks about her worries but I notice an unopened cabinet in her dining room

  11. I have no CC to give, this is beautiful. the facial expression is adorable, the eyes are gorgeous and the hair is cut AF. Fantastic work OP

  12. Do you believe that my asshole is actually squeezing out a hot brown loaf, right at this moment?

  13. How did you get the edges of your poly gel so PERFECT!? I've been trying it for a few months now and that's definitely the hardest part.

  14. Aw thank you for much!! Do you mean edges as in right by the cuticle, or do you mean along the free edge? Either way, I'm definitely still learning, it takes me about 5/6 hours to completely finish doing all ten nails. 😂

  15. I originally meant by the cuticles, but honestly all of the above! And I know what you mean, it takes me like 4 hours to do one hand. I’ve tried the dual forms with and without the clips and the nail extension stickers (forget what they’re called). So far I think the dual forms with the clips work best but it’s so hard to find some that fit my nails! You’re look great!

  16. Ah that is interesting! I really struggled with dual forms, i couldn't get them to work properly at all, and I ended up with curly nails that were pointing at a different angle on each finger. If you haven't tried them yet, I really recommend trying out paper forms, where you sculpt the polygel on top, especially if you're finding it hard to find dual forms that fit perfectly.

  17. Haha omg, I love that. Where did you even find those tiny little forks and spoons??

  18. Thank you!!! I found them in a little nail gem kit I bought for about £6 on Amazon, they look like little circular disks filled with gold gems. I think I have hundreds and hundreds of gold studs in different shapes now, but it was mainly the forks and spoons that I was infatuated with.

  19. 1.) if applied well, I've found it lasts well - maybe about 3-4 weeks before I need to touch them up?it's slightly softer then acrylic, so I notice it mainly wears on the very tips of my dominant hand, which is easy to maintain by filing the edges.

  20. Hy, thank you so much for enlightening me.. Will try out and then tell you how i like it

  21. Please do! I hope it goes well for you! There's definitely a learning curve to it, but you'll get the hang of it quickly. Are you planning on using paper forms or dual forms?

  22. With paper forms I’ve seen that you have to curve it a little more before putting them on, I’m not 100% sure as I use dual forms but I think youtubing it can help too!

  23. thanks for your response! i’m excited to get my kit and i think your tips will help a bunch! i’ve heard it’s a learning process

  24. That's so sweet! It is definitely a learning process, you'll learn pretty quickly what works and what doesn't. Paper forms I found so much easier than dual forms, which is interesting because I thought it would be the other way around. I'm definitely still a beginner, and am really do enjoying doing my nails whilst listening to podcasts. Please post what you create, I'll want to see!!

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