1. Speaking of music, if you want to read an in-depth analysis and some cool references and data I can't recommend the

  2. Succession back, Ted Lasso back, Barry coming back soon. Yet all for their final seasons, bittersweet.

  3. On REM you can't beat What's the Frequency, Kenneth? or Man on the Moon.

  4. Love the fact that the Mods have left up a link to scat porn from one of the Argentina/Curacao goals and seemingly do not care to lock the thread, delete it or do anything about it xD

  5. I don't know what you're talking about, I just checked all links myself and they all show the goals.

  6. The case of Tottenham is so fascinating and surely unique in world football. This is a club that despite being one of the richest in their league, which makes them one of the richest in the world, is a bantering target for pretty much every other team in their country, all while being absolutely harmless overall. Like, I'm sure 80% of english fans, no matter if their club, no matter if they're midtable in the 3rd division, think "at least I'm not a Spurs fan". We're talking about a club that for some reason, some immanent quality of their being, are able to be bantered off to hell and back by pretty much everyone, lower standing fans, higher standing fans, people from halfway around the world that have little interest in the PL itself. In a way, they're not pitied like a Bury, they're not hated like a Leeds, they're not loathed like a big team, they're not ignored as any team not in Premier League, but they do have this unique quality of being able to take punches even if the topic is totally unrelated to them in the first place. And what's more interesting, is that people understand what you're saying. "Lads, it's Tottenham", "it's the history of Tottenham" and all that. People immediately understand. And probably chuckle. Their name has become shorthand for football comedy of sorts.

  7. I finally found an absolutely beautiful specimen of a man, tall, handsome, incredible bubble but, and he seems really into me...

  8. Has any team from the 2nd division ever played in the Champions League group stage? I'm guessing... No

  9. that Independiente video from CONMEBOL felt like the Oscars In Memoriam tribute

  10. Seeing pics of the player's party celebrating the WC something really sticks out: Lo Celso is in all of them, was even at the party in the match vs Panama, even though he obviously wasn't in Qatar. I actually wonder how he feels, he has been a key player in the Scaloni Era so it's not like it's unwarranted but I can't help but think you must feel a bit like an outsider being in a celebration for a cup you didn't win. And that must really sting.

  11. Best: Mbappe in Final no doubt, I saw shit that I have never seen anybody do that day.

  12. Uh? Apart from his one non-pen goal he didn't do anything, was extremely well controlled almost all match.

  13. I'm confused about something: In every post match thread I read when Bayern didn't won 5-0 it seemed like the fan's confidence about Nagelsmann was waning and many said that he wasn't getting all the players to meet their potential. Surely the sacking shouldn't come as a surprise then? Maybe his work presently wasn't sack-worthy but the club saw it in a downwards trajectory.

  14. hay que quitarse el sombrero, grande messi 👏🏻 igual orgulloso de mi panama! 💙🇵🇦🇵🇦

  15. Este partido merece un "jugadoooores" irónico(?

  16. La clave es, se cantaría con "que no juegan con nadie" o "y van para adelante"? El primero es a priori correcto, pero Panamá le puso mucha onda para merecer eso.

  17. Is someone up to make the match thread for ARG-PAN? I honestly can't be arsed but I'd like to have one lol

  18. Scaloni is letting Diablito Echeverri train with the senior Albiceleste squad, my manager is completely addicted to cooking gourmet ball.

  19. No tengo la más puta idea de lo que significa lo que acabás de decir.

  20. That's totally fine if you'd like to interpret it as vague, that's entirely different from twisting the words to say something it wasn't saying. And you're not even translating the tweet that he linked. This is what he linked:

  21. No estoy traduciendo un tweet, estoy traduciendo el título del artículo que vi en EFE. No veo en ningún lado que esté malinterpretado, cuando menos no intencionadamente. Hacienda no ve influencia de resultados, punto. Después se puede hablar muchísimo de las vaguedades y las contradicciones del artículo en sí, pero nada de lo que vi es malinterpretación.

  22. Stadiums shouldn't look like malls. I've seen many shouts about Tottenham's new stadium being the best in the world and all I can think of is, bs. It's not. Apart from really looking like a toilet seat from above, it has no soul. Give me a San Siro, an Artemio Franchi, a Craven Cottage, a Camp Nou, even a Parc des Princes. Something with character. Arsenal's and Benfica's stadiums look literally the same, this bowl trend is awful.

  23. Doesn't Espanyol's official name contain "Barcelona"?

  24. El año pasado pensé que si no se les dió en ese 4-2 que terminó 4-4 literalmente no se les iba a dar nunca más, creo que subestimé el asco que es este Estudiantes. Chapeau GELP, es merecido.

  25. People that say that they only like or they only care about their team doing well are either liars or don't understand anything about the sport, or life itself. Football is 1000047% more enjoyable when your rivals are incredibly, outrageously, hilariously shit.

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