1. The amount VEQT is pumped in this subreddit is so strange considering it's only been around for 3 years of which half that time was spent in a pandemic. Yea I know the underlying assets have been around longer and the concept of the all-in-one is sound, but I don't think it's really been proven to outpace even VOO on its own especially since the US market really started globalization

  2. It's 100% pure organic groupthink. Watch as the downvotes pile in but nobody has anything to actually say on the subject.

  3. I am with you. I never understood why everyone is so excited about xEQt and veqt. It's structurally designed to underperform Canadian or US equities after higher fees and withholding taxes. I have consistently outperformed xEQt/veqts for 2 years and my portfolio is 60-70% US rest Canada.

  4. I don’t think I ever learn anything new from the podcast, but I still enjoy listening to it.

  5. It’s always fun waiting for the Ron knight name drop in each episode, and trying to guess when it will be

  6. All those credit cards I maxed out, I threw them in the lake. They can’t trace that shit

  7. Dude looks like someone pulled him off the street and gave him a suit.

  8. I'd argue they're both quite funny. OP got played hard but he took it really well.

  9. Guess you were excited to finally have something you thought would work to post here?

  10. Have owned It before, dividend is safe. Not really interested in buying back in here, seems to be a very slow mover to the upside.

  11. I won’t give them the attention they so cringely crave but acknowledging who they are, but no not you haha.

  12. I just came to this subreddit to let you know I wouldn't be coming to this subreddit.

  13. Careful, I have a feeling everyone in this sub is about to be labelled as transphobic as well

  14. Has a person born as a man ever actually been pregnant? Or is that not what he is asking

  15. Manzi is the first name brought up in these type of threads. But I’m sure there are a few who stealthily check, though likely after a time or two realizing they are still talked about they realize that checking in doesn’t help anything and stop doing it

  16. Fleet Captain Jamie Wolfe was #1 for years, perhaps he still is

  17. Trent will be happy to have burned one of his options this quick I guess

  18. Do you mean his total number of options on his contract? Once you option someone in a season, every time they get called up/down in a season, only one total option is used up for the contract for 2022

  19. Prefer relationships over hookups as ive totally tried them both i totally hook up and do sex a lot i mean i used to but now i prefer relationship but the hook ups i did made me good at sex with white women and im fair skinned and have done sex

  20. Yep. At 17 this stallion has had his fun and is ready to just settle down.

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