1. You can see how amazed that charizard are: 😳

  2. Also, that Pikachu electric ball I swear it's teleguided

  3. The last time i se this video with electric ball version the first comment is Glaceons icicle better😂

  4. I remember there’s a post about changing it like this in the sub, just search “cat”, “bin” and you will find it! If not I can see if I can find it in my history if you want!

  5. Me too! And the one that have a ocean like design (the community day raid egg I think?)

  6. Is it a difference to hunt on switch? I’m trying to start my shiny hunt and wonder which way would be more playable and easier to shiny hunt?

  7. Yes, I decided to buy my switch and shiny hunt, wonder the best choice😊

  8. at least you're able to catch them. i've encountered 5 so far and was only able to catch one

  9. Also if you swipe up, you can go to the pool on the second floor of the raid.

  10. nope! after a year of playing i literally recently figured this out… (don’t ask 😭) apparently it helps dodge attacks (i honestly didn’t know what this meant beforehand lol) the more ya know!

  11. Kycklingbröst på Ica pris: ⬆️ ⬆️⬆️

  12. Hahahaha that snorlax little jump steps with its baby holowear🤣🤣🤣

  13. Lika bra att flytta till en annan stad i det här läget 😔🙏

  14. Well you wanted to catch 3 birds, right!? /s

  15. Vissa har inte talang som andra att växa, men visst smaka de lika gott🤣

  16. Jag läste först lite slarvigt och tyckte titeln var att du köpt smör på blocket. Det tyckte jag verkade lite underligt.

  17. Inte omöjligt med så här inflation med Bregott ☠️

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