1. Would you be kind enough to direct me to somewhere I can read more about this please?

  2. I lived in w Hollywood. He is a sex trafficker. He also owns a couple tigers. Everyone hates him in LA besides gross men.

  3. Isn’t she now dating MJs son too? Lol

  4. There is so much going on here that even with the update slide I’m completely confused lol

  5. Kylie made the drama with selena so that the attention from Travis having another baby coming isn't talked about.

  6. That doesn't make sense cause the lady who posted about her liking that video said it happened months ago

  7. You guys are dumb he capitalized it. He said he's worrying about a MAN AGAIN... if bad bunny didn't kiss men etc he wouldn't of said what he said lol🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. She looks different every time she steps out the house.. which is a lot..jesus

  9. I was her when I was younger. I am so happy and proud that I did the hard work of therapy and worked through my trauma. I'm being so serious rn bc she's delusional. She's more fucked in the head then she can even see. It's sad tbh.

  10. It's weird because she definitely does have a - probably top quality - therapist.... what are they telling her??!..surely the therapist is telling her this behaviour is fcked

  11. A lot of Hollywood therapists that come to these girls homes are yes people unfortunately. Kourts therapists kinda sucked I remember lol.

  12. Drugs, alcohol, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, eating disorder/body dysmorphia, narcissistic family structure, grooming/exploitation, addiction to social media, involvement with horrible men, lack of true friends or relationships in general, lack of education, etc

  13. True, true. At this point, it's hard to figure her out. It's almost as if she's marking her territory. When Tristan was photo'd in Greece, she was quiet as a church mouse. Now, it's obvious he isn't dating anyone, they're back to the "co-parenting" pics.

  14. I just find it hard to fathom. She's risking it all for him. Of course she thinks of what others might think about her but a small part of me wonders if she sees herself as this longsuffering, martyr type for staying with him?

  15. I think its trauma bond mixed with no self esteem mixed with daddy issues mixed with "no one else will want me".

  16. Came here to say this. I truly can't imagine having millions and not wearing fun outfits. Vintage, etc. They are so tacky.

  17. Especially since it's usually a white person calling a POC a monkey. I got 100 that says OP is a white person.

  18. It came out a while ago and I didn’t remember very well if it lol but these scenes just seem worse

  19. Nah he definitely ended things with her. This is Kris on damage control. Though weird to admit his anger had always been a problem.. ok why your daughter letting him raw dog her in a rotation of other girls, then?! Kylie go love yourself.

  20. Weird that violence is a bridge too far, yet grooming a teenager is totally fine.

  21. I’m sorry but he was a kid who just lost his dad and probably acted out and you’re judging him for that ? Lol no. He’s an adult now, people grow. I don’t claim to know him but if we judged everyone by who they were in middle school or high school, we’d all be fucked.

  22. Their actual day to days. Like are all the adults always working and kids are left at home with nannies? The dynamic between Alabama and Mason. Does Travis Scott really worship Kanye. Who does coke/molly? A tell-all from a nanny or surrogate

  23. I think their entire life revolves around content and looking pretty. They stage pap walks. Make content weeks in advance, take cheap shoot after shoot in ONE long day that's used for multiple things, they google themselves, approve photoshops, get their kids for the cute moments..

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