1. Any renter can contact their Local Authority and request (or demand) an inspection which will be carried out to determine if the property meets the rental standards. The landlord should, but doesn't have to be, registered with the RTB. The only evidence the tenant needs to initiate this is proof of payment of rent. I can not understand why renters with shitty accommodation and shittier landlords do not use the facility to force their landlords into providing reasonable houses/apartments. Interesting fact is that zero landlords in Galway have been prosecuted for breeching the rental standards - that isn't because they don't breech the standards it is because the Local Authorrity is very reluctant to go down that path, much preferring issuing warning after warning to the landlords - which, in fairness, seems to work. The big issue is that unregistered landlords can't be inspected at random because the RTB and Local Authority don't know who/where they are. So, it is imperritive to report these landlords to the RTB and to request an inspection from the Local Authority.

  2. In the same way I should obey the speed limit but don't have to.

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  4. Maybe I'm not fucking rich..rent is killing people's ability to save, wake fucking up

  5. Just need Annie apple and you have the whole alphabet crew

  6. Here's a link with background and plans. The owners wanted a change of use for the upstairs to make it viable. COVID probably slowed it down again.

  7. I believe that there was structural issues with the building making it unsafe to be occupied. Not sure if it's been sorted yet but I'm sure someone is too busy taking someone else to court over it to actually sort it out.

  8. Nope, I tried explaining that it let in more than 65% light but he kept saying it's illegal to have a sticker on the windscreen even tho it's a tint like

  9. Ya, I am. Because I give direct to charity without some chuggers getting a cut. They hassle people at shop doors.

  10. Has it ever occurred to you that those people...are ALSO people who are under financial pressure and need a job? A friend of mine did this job for a different charity for a few months and believe me it wasn't because she loved hassling people,.it was because she had bills to pay.

  11. No, plenty of cafe, restaurant and pub jobs out there, there is "hiring" notices in so many windows right now. Why in God's name would you want to be a chugger.

  12. Like, useless cunts going for the job just for pension, 30 yrs and out? Bent the rules a little bit, but not too much. And surf Reddit instead of working, putting up comebacks..πŸ˜πŸ‘

  13. Did you fail the online tests then, ya? Or just an edgy teenager?

  14. Don't get it??. No long arms or anything. Dude wearing a decent jacket for the current weather.

  15. Pump fault? Look near the boiler..you should hear the pump running, use a metal screwdriver near the big screw , if it's magnetic, it's ok, if not it's fucked

  16. Well come, I'm homeless going on 6 months, I only want a single room. Couch surfing and all that, thank God for good friends

  17. Why, cause shitting on another culture is ok, because they got invaded by a load of crazy Russians...it's non news? He shouldn't have done it. It was an insult at the time.

  18. What about the rally driver in a a historical square in Ukraine, leaving it full on tyre marks. Pre-war, but still a shitty move.

  19. Looks like some poor person got injured by a truck 😱. Street is on lockdown by Garda.

  20. It looked like a side door or panel on the left side of the lorry was hanging open/ off

  21. Completely impractical to shift things to the other side of the country, to an airport that somehow has worse transport links than Dublin.

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