1. Fight him for his Brass Knuckles item drop, it makes you break things faster as well as letting you do more damage with your hands

  2. Yeah, the fanatic on the loading screen is an instant runaway for me. I don't even try one room.

  3. Ngl I was so confident that my team could kill him that I ignored all the rooms and just tried to find him immediately and then kill him, boy how stupid I was…

  4. Damn, they really did +dead themselves.

  5. Type: Metal-Works Size 2 enemy HP: 120 SPD 8 PROT 75% Dodge 15 Stun Resist 90 Blight Resist 50 Bleed Resist 200 Debuff Resist 90 Move Resist 200 Gets 2 Turns

  6. Didn't have to go with the yellow teeth, imo, but you're the artist.

  7. Honestly I kinda messed up when I put the lines on the teeth to make them look more dry or something similar to that but when I realized I made a mistake I was just like "eh forget it, might as well make him look like the care taker" and that's what I tried to go for

  8. From a game design perspective, lower numbers are easier to balance around, and easier for players to understand.

  9. Ngl I like the bigger numbers just from a design point, literally I’m just like “hehe big numbers go brrrr” idk why but seeing someone hit 9,628 damage is pretty satisfying towards me. That’s just me tho

  10. Slim can out heal and not worry as much about being in his face with adrenal gland.

  11. In game Stats wise, Meteor Goliath and Elder Kraken are the best.

  12. Behemoth: “Imma rock” Everyone: “Ayo chill big guy” “I ain’t fucking with him” “I’m leaving”

  13. I love that idea as well, which is why I feel Behemoth is kind of a big bad in all of it just because he is a tank and becomes a boulder.

  14. I feel like behemoth and glacial behemoth are pretty much both in 1st place the food chain out of the 8, I seriously doubt anything would even THINK about fucking with a full grown behemoth or glacial behemoth just do to they’re sheer size, weight, strength, and durability alone. I feel like Goliath would be tied in or be in 2nd place due to the fact they seem rather social and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were social creatures that would live in small groups and hunt in small packs. That and they do seem very intelligent too as well, I kinda feel like meteor Goliath would be ether tied in or better due to them being a bit tougher but also seem to be rare… Kraken and Elder Kraken would be in 3rd place of the food chain. They also seem extremely intelligent, maybe as smart as wrath or Gorgon, hell maybe even more then both but however they have the brawn to back up the brains with him being the 4/5th tankiest monster in the game (Kraken is 4th Elder Kraken is 5th) and having heavy hitting attacks, plus I’m sure being able to somewhat fly is a pretty good flex. 4th place would go to Gorgon, I feel like her being a great ambusher would make her a great predator with her spider traps and web snares while her mimic and acid spit would be great self defense or offensive tools, acid spit to puke on the attacker to deter and weaken them or use mimic to get away or cause heavy damage with poison as well, 5th place would have to be wraith another great ambusher but I feel like she really couldn’t do anything if anything above Gorgon wanted to steal her food, don’t get me wrong I’m sure she has more then a few offensive capabilities to drive off the said attacker but she’s a bit squishy… and somewhere along the way fuck up or get tired and then get counter attacked, unless she can ambush them first. I doubt she would be able to stay in the fight long enough to kill the opponent before she decides it ain’t worth risking a fatal injury or waste the energy

  15. There aren’t any bad choices, right? 😏 As long as everyone keeps having gun!

  16. Everyone knows that plague docter is a girl. OP probably just thought it funny to edit plague docter armor over a buff dude.

  17. Actually I wanted to draw on the plague doctor over a buff dude but it didn’t have the colors I needed for it, so I was like “fuck it” and just put edited her armor on

  18. Try making the shadows more dramatic (ex. The right hind leg would probably be more covered in shadow) and add more texture. If you’re trying to add fur, look at furred enemies (ex. Gnasher) as reference for drawing fur texture. For the eyes, you could try referencing the blood sucker enemies. Beady eyes are usually more than just a black circle with a white dot if they’re big. I’d also look at the swine enemies (specifically their legs) as reference if you’re drawing an ungulate. Hooves tend to be sharp in the DD style. I think your best references would be gnasher (texture, quadruped), snakes (exposed cheek, teeth), swine enemies (hooves, teeth), bloodsuckers (specifically crocodilian) and darkest dungeon enemies (referring to the area not the game itself. Beware of spoilers ⚠️). If you can, you might be able to find DD art that’s just lineart and colorless online. Hope this helps! 👍

  19. Wow this was pretty specific, thanks bro. I’ll try to use this to redraw it again

  20. If you look closely the dd style is all about sharp edges Even round things like the plague doctor googles have sharp lines

  21. roll over. play dead. disembowel a heavily armed horzine merc in 4 seconds flat.

  22. “…who’s a good little squad wiper? yes you are!” Shit is way to true when it comes to hell on earth in a small dark area wondering wtf is hitting you until it’s too late 💀💀💀

  23. Well you could start off with an oval for the head or try to get a shape that you think would look nice and then smooth it out, or make it rough depending on the person ig, another one is too make 3 balls and use those as the joints and stuff, 1 ball for shoulder. 1 ball for elbow. And one for the wrist or hand ya know? If you wanna talk more about this we could about this in dms and such

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