1. You seem to be quite sensitive person, just judging of this thread. I wouldn’t recommend jobs in defence.

  2. Mate, sounds like you are in the know! What the current SFST standards? Asking for a friend…

  3. Bro you should be in your physical peak or heading in the direction anyways. So you should be top of the pack in your platoon.

  4. The popularity of this post is alarming, but I guess experience might vary largely.

  5. Lots of opportunities my friend. Remember that exceptions exist to every stereotype, and I've seen plenty of great infanteers at all ages - that said you are well inside the older end of the bell curve. Before I left the military (Captain in an ARA battalion) I had a Private soldier who was 44, and he was on top of his game.

  6. Lol, just notify one of the Corporals that you prefer relatively short but not number one! They will more then likely to oblige.

  7. Hey dude, sure enough few people said it already. You can take many a road to your fitness goals.

  8. Because at first parade on a monday morning, sarge would ask if anyone fucked up on the weekend, and depending on how many cunt scratchers went up in the air, is how mad he got and sprayed the platoon with spit (venom) from his shouting. Hence, snake.

  9. You may or may not get to 9 minutes.

  10. Blasters are completely illegal in NSW, for any reason. A cursory Google search would have answered this question. I really don't know how we keep getting these posts just about every day here.

  11. Bro, in S-A all you got to do is apply for firearms licence(special cat) and as long as you are not some doggy cunt, you should be ok.

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