1. But who gets the count for that? David Prowse or James Earl Jones?

  2. This is just armor trims all over again. There are people out there complaining that they are useless but they are just cosmetic feature. If they add fire flies people will complain that they are useless but they are just a ambience feature

  3. Think of bane of arthropods. That kind of discriminated things is already in the game

  4. I especially love when Mojamg go 3 months without revealing anything new and the community start already preconfirm that the update will have nothing in it and that the game will plummet in relevancy immediately

  5. I want this but for weapons, and maybe they will let us color the enchant glow a different shade rather than purple on everything

  6. He did a lot of Sith stuff, maybe he's like Ashoka and he's a force user who doesnt ID as a Jedi

  7. Jedi dont have to use only the light side, count how many times force choke was used. A jedi doesnt fall to the sith, they can still use the other side

  8. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan's apprentice.

  9. I mean why not? First Order already has broken jetties that can deal splash damage so you can hit your enemy with shitty aim and their jetpack is better than than Boba’s. Lets not forget that the Dark Side has broken characters like Flesh is Weak - Grievous and Vader. Compare it to the Resistance who doesnt have such op heroes or reinforcements and their vehicles suck. So you why not give the op First Order something even more op like a big ass Chicken walker that can melt heroes and troopers alike in 0,2736 seconds?

  10. This. I really despise playing any of the sequel maps. They are so unbalanced because the first order is just way more superior. The spy and the gunner are both bad, and the jumper sucks compared to the way better jet trooper. The reinforcements for the other 2 factions are way more balanced.

  11. Characters and plot in DreamWorks' animated films in 2022 are simply more clear, attractive and entertaining.

  12. Agreed. Plus disney is really going downhill with all the mistakes the bob ceos made

  13. Also, DreamWorks’ 2023 film is Trolls 3, so they’re already in a disadvantage.

  14. Yeah i thought trolls was decent but it going up against elemental and wish may be a problem. Elemental is looking like an mid film in terms of money making, wish hasnt gotten that many predictions yet

  15. Agree. Decent stand alone movies, but bad star wars movies and they retcon so many things

  16. I disagree, in fact I'm steadfast in my belief that the sequel trilogy is the largest affront to fiction ever devised in all of human history

  17. I dont even see them as a trilogy. As individual movies yeah they are fine but place them in an already existing franchise and they are garbage

  18. I knew immediately that the show would be woke garbage when they race and gender swapped everyone. Idc call me racist and stuff but when i see this happen it means the producers dont care about the source material and will push out something nobody asked for

  19. I like how some writer will look at works with 5-10 books with all this lore and history and decide to “ update it for modern audiences” Here’s a thought if you’re such a great writer produce your own IP with 5-10 books with lore and world building & you can have all your modern themes.

  20. I salute every youtuber who had to go through the pain of watching velma so i didnt have to.

  21. I really think jango should have definitely replaced bossk. Dont know why they didnt add him but added a lizard man who was in ESB for 4 seconds. Too bad the game gets no updates anymore, i would have loved to see a qui gon or a magna guard and jedi knight reinforcement

  22. to star wars fans, anything that isn't good = disney, it's stupid.

  23. Well, they still have kk and they hired abrams hot off the press after star trek, so the corpos aren't doing some things right

  24. Brawl stars is always on top for a mobile game. Those people who think the game is dead or that the game is falling are delusional. Yes, it will never reach its peak in early 2020, but it cant do that anymore. The game today is better than 3 years ago

  25. People like you are the reason we defend supercell in the first place. This update was a huge win for f2p and a big change to what we had before. You have made post complaining about every damn update. You are stubborn to change, you want to be stuck in 2019 with your 1 brawler per 2 months and barely and new content. Everyone else wants new things, the system is flawed but its what we had before. Plus im tired of "bOXeS WEre BEttEr". They were not

  26. I understand good complaining and constructive criticism, but this guy is literally a clown

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