1. Not at all true. Think of those not bound by our one way temporal existence.

  2. he is a man, he’s probably doing some weird sex role play thing

  3. I wouldn't date an only fans girl because I wouldn't make an only fans where I post my naked body. My body and heart belongs to my partner and vice versa.

  4. Wasn't there a better hiding Spot? I would recommend a backpack, they work pretty well

  5. Movie theaters don't care, you did that to pleasure yourself don't lie? Always wanted to put jellybeans up your ass huh?

  6. You're dumb asf. Legendaries can be bought from the vending. Rare but possible. You're so freaking slow

  7. Take that ass whooping with pride. Or flee like you in one of those old school RPGs. Don't hurt to fight back either

  8. Give me the spoiler how did it end

  9. If you have contact details of the admin, remind them that video games take large teams of people to create them. In the 40 odd years that video games have existed, there's absolutely no way that some of the people behind them haven't done morally and legally reprehensible things. Just because not all of them made the news doesn't mean they didn't happen. It's very likely that your money has been pocketed by murderers and predators over the years. So enjoying a game that had almost zero input from a certain opinionated author is beyond ridiculous. So my question to you is - do you recommend the game? Is it good?

  10. Say "if you make me swim you're a transphobe" problem solved trans people do that stuff all the time

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