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  1. If they paid a shop for that work, then that’s Fng awful, but if the owner got a nice insurance check and bought a harbor freight spray gun and did the repairs in his driveway - then that looks about right. If it runs and drive who gives a shit. Plus he bought himself a nice vaca or a new toy with the profit.

  2. I read “vaca” instead of “vacay” and thought why the hell does he need a cow?

  3. I appreciate your words! I must say I didn’t set out to do this with my life. Battery algorithms aren’t exactly the sexiest work in the world

  4. Speak for yourself! (I spent a decade in Texas Instruments Battery Management. Can’t beat Impedance Track!)

  5. If you commented some version of “I don’t see a kid in this picture”, I love you.

  6. Couldn't help but read the covers of some of this books and I have one question: what's different about specifically trick-or-treating in texas?

  7. It’s a cute book where they go trick-or-treating at all the cliche Texas landmarks. After googling, the author is from England and has probably never actually been here!

  8. Isn't it also used as a ground plane on multi-layer boards, to help reduce signal noise?

  9. It can be done to add capacitance to the ground plane, but that’s not what’s here (the noises aren’t electrically connected. They’re filling space to keep the rough copper density on the board even.

  10. I believe there are two things creating this optical illusion.

  11. The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board also claimed it was fake with no evidence. Very disappointed in WSJ.

  12. They are working through trademark laws with Dyson Inc.

  13. The school ratings are lower in East Plano because a lot of the children speak Spanish in their houses, you can see the test scores at Memorial are highly divergent based on race/ethnicity.

  14. Sit on it and give it a wiggle. If you feel comfortable being on it then a fish tank should be good.

  15. I second the “sit and wiggle” test. You want it to hold the weight of the aquarium forever, so it’s ok to have extra margin.

  16. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life, posts like this restore my hope. I hit so many lows where I constantly feel like "this is supposed to be the better part of my life? It all goes downhill after this? I guess I'm never going to be happy then..."

  17. I heard a lot of “college will be the best years of your life” growing up. Totally opposite for me. Happily married with a kid now, life is 1000X better than college. As the title says, Keep Plugging Away!!

  18. I’m sure this has been asked somewhere in this long thread, but since you said you enjoy it I gotta ask the questions.. what was your engineering degree in? What state are you from? Is it the company or the coworkers you like best? What is your job title and ball park the salary for me.. I’m studying Construction Management because I decided not to go through with CE after realizing I hated design work

  19. I sent you some DMs. As I said earlier, AMA in direct messages, but I’m not posting anything too personal publicly

  20. What kind of BS reporting is “highest in recent memory”?

  21. It's just a guy in a black shirt on the right. Make your browser window bigger.

  22. LG C1 all the way!! I bought one last November and it’s been the best electronic purchase I’ve ever made!! I had a Samsung QLED before it that I hated from Day 1.

  23. Is there supposed to be a face? I see a face.

  24. Awesome picture!!! What’s your setup/technique?? I’ve tried taking pictures like this with my Nikon DSLR and they never turn out any good

  25. Reddit, pleas help. This has bothered me for 23 years. In the opening scene when the police chief shows up, he says “if you give me any juris-my-diction crap” Why did he say it like this? Is this just an awkward play on “my jurisdiction”? Is there something I’m missing?

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