1. Because he is getting things done and making arrogant people who have not accomplished anything look bad.

  2. Better they learn it from me now than from their parents when they're old enough

  3. Soccer sucks. It’s a bunch of skinny fruits jogging around and nothing ever happens. Give me 300 pound men from Louisiana recreating car crashes.

  4. This is the result of texting while driving... HI! I'm Troy McClure!

  5. You might remember me from such fender benders as ‘fourth street’ and ‘of course I’m ok to drive’

  6. I was spanked by Grover Cleveland on two non-consecutive occasions

  7. amen. this and "Sneed's Feed & Seed" are my all-time top-two little gags.

  8. Are we all just going to ignore the fact that the Flanders kids sleep in the same bed?

  9. From a European (Irishman) the fact that someone would do this unironically really blows my mindhole.

  10. You’ve never been to a Baptist church on the American South

  11. I'm so sorry. No one should have to suffer through Whataburger. (this coming from a texan)

  12. Racism only exist against white people. Hate us all you want while your enjoy our works.

  13. Court martialed ex marine with a bad conduct discharge

  14. Not at all. The Democrats protect and reward their base. A black lesbian who hates America is their demo.

  15. You can keep thinking what you want but Biden wouldn't have lost any votes bringing home the Marine before Griner

  16. No but he is playing to his base. In politics you reward the base. Getting back an anti-American black lesbian who was arrogant enough to bring drugs into Russia is his base.

  17. And why doesn't Radioactive man dance anymore? Remember the Atomic-usi?

  18. I’m a conservative man and I don’t think it is ok for men to have lots of partners.

  19. Twitter and the mainstream media colluded with the deep state to swing an election.

  20. Because she is a black lesbian. She hits all the high notes for Biden.

  21. Go to your local pharmacy and they will have some pills to help you out. I was in the same place and the medicine helped.

  22. I had a job I was really good at and now they moved me to a new group.

  23. I don’t really think about them but she seems like a cunt and he needs to reclaim his balls.

  24. Brown rice, salmon, eel, cilantro, red onion, kimchi, Sriacha aioli

  25. Because fat men are not a protected class. End of story. A 300 pound woman gets instant tenure at any university as long as she has blue hair and her face looks like she fell into a tackle box.

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