1. Half-life 2 was way ahead of its time and is still way better than many triple A games today!

  2. Well i went into an abandoned mine when i was homeless and found an old prospector looking for gold. He was super nice and very passionate about gold.

  3. I ain't saying she's a gold digger

  4. Is this still happening for anyone I've not been able to post for over a week now...

  5. Same here. I was banned for 3 days from askreddit for marking posts as nsfw. After the ban expired a week ago, I can't post in ask reddit at all! What's going on?

  6. We live longer, and have better medicine, and can recover with less pain more quickly from most things. The poorest people live with more amenities and cleaner more healthy environments than the upper class of the past. Access to knowledge is far more accessible.

  7. It's quite dystopian to live longer yet have a poorer quality and life, don't you think?

  8. Drink water in quick succession. Drinking too much water too fast can actually make you sick, and that gets even worse in a heatwave. So don’t be guzzling as much water as you can at once.

  9. When I was about 5, my stepsister would tell me take off my clothes and she would touch me wherever she wanted and take pictures. I didn’t know it was wrong and thought it was just a “secret game”. She was a few years older than me. She did this multiple times, we lived together and shared a room. I feel like she did more but I can’t remember. Her brother did the same to me. Occasionally, this was done while my biological siblings were in the room. I found out years later that I wasn’t the only girl she did this to. But what hurts most was when I was when I told my mom 10 years later. She said she wished I would’ve told her earlier and that there would’ve been consequences. To me, it didn’t look like it surprised her, I don’t think she realizes the trauma and pain it caused me. But maybe it was because the way I told her was kinda nonchalant. I just wanted a hug, but all I got was silence. Im not resentful, just sad. Am I being too sensitive about it?

  10. I am sorry for your traumatic experience as an innocent child. I hope you find love, acceptance, friendship and peace where ever you go.

  11. Pretended to be my best friend while sleeping with my boyfriend. I caught them because they were sexting each other in church - and I was sitting between them. She later told me that she "did me a solid" by biting his dick during a bj because he told her she would be pretty if she lost weight.

  12. I'm 5 foot 11 3/4. But I say I'm 6 foot. Only you guys know this!

  13. Goodness me! Do you have someone to talk to? Do want someone to talk to dear stranger?

  14. Some porn video themes like pedo, rape, sleep sex, and others would get someone jail time if they did it in real life. So why is everyone surprised when children are trafficked for sex and drunk girls are taken advantage of? Maybe the porn industry shouldn't be doing it's part in putting these ideas into people's already sick and stressed minds!

  15. Indeed. What's incredibly ironic is that some of the most important minerals for Western Technology come from Congo mines. In some cases they only exist there. But still due to corruption they are dead broke.

  16. The CIA assassinated Congo's popular leader, Patrice Lumumba and installed a corrupt dictatorship so that the West could continue to plander Congo's minerals at no cost..... Apple and Tesla can't exist without Congo's 'free' Coltan and other rare earth metals.

  17. You make it sound like the cia send out a hitman. Instead the USA seemed to have supported the opposition with money and political support. While Belgium (former occupiers) acknowledged great responsibility in this whole process.

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