Soul Searching, Me, Oil on canvas, 2021

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  1. Amazing. I'm always so impressed by what people can paint/draw/etc.

  2. The wave with the moonlight illuminating it is awesome.

  3. I'm not good with art prices so usually how much would it cost to buy this or similar? (I am poor right now but would love to have someting similar one day)

  4. Thanks so much! My originals are priced based on the size of canvas, personal work being $2/sqin and custom work for $2.50/sqin. I also have prints available. You’re welcome to check my work out on Etsy if you’d like to (DimitriSirenkoArt) ☺️

  5. How has no one ever painted this before?! It’s soooo awesome, and yet, it feels like it should have been so obvious that it would have been painted 60-70 years ago at least. My mind is blown on a level that doesn’t happen often. I’m in tears right now with everything this painting makes me feel. I’m also a serious dog guy, and have had a few wolf mixes, so that’s probably part of it.

  6. Thank you! I’m sure someone somewhere some time has painted this haha - everything has been done now

  7. ⚠️Beware⚠️ - This is a scam and will be prints of low quality. The only place I have my work for sale is on Etsy.

  8. Beware - This is a scam and will be prints of low quality. The only place I have my work for sale is on Etsy.

  9. I hope I don't get banned for saying this but, wow that is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. This is amazing! Love the colors and the deep look/feel of it!

  11. this is beautiful! just out of curiosity, what made you want to name it "Soul Searching"?

  12. Thank you. I wanted to title it something that was relevant to a lone wolf howling at the full moon - a person looking for something or someone - and almost felt more like it’s looking for your own echo and a reflection of your voice which is basically a soul.

  13. Damn I just remembered that I forgot to look up your Seagle painting after you posted it. Really inspiring work. I hope to be able to start oil painting soon once I have the resources.

  14. I don’t have videos of my recent paintings but you can check out my available videos through Facebook

  15. This is great, I love the depth

  16. Amazing I'd love to get one of my frenchie

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