1. Your dad was the cool cat of his days. Them chicks used to dig mustaches.

  2. Yeah Fahrenheit. New England and the Midwest have brutal winters.

  3. I visited Australia during our summer not doing any research…I packed shorts and summer dresses. Lol I ended up shopping at Costco in Sydney for pants and long sleeves.

  4. For me-1. But I would still simplify it. It’s a logo. Logos shouldn’t be crazy elaborate. Logos need to be basic. Why? Simplicity. Most consumers only focus on a logo for a short while and you need to be able to express your brand effectively. You want it basic enough for people to remember it with a few squiggles.

  5. In over 2 years…I changed my nibs once. I don’t sketch or draw, except diagrams. I use mine religiously, but only for notes and I have TONS of notes since I work directly for the CEOs of my company. I LOVE my remarkable. It’s so odd that I see so many people mentioning the nibs don’t last. Maybe I don’t use a lot of pressure?

  6. Aww I’m jealous. Maybe that’s what I’ll get Saturday. I feel like some shawarma

  7. Stranger things (just finished),jeopardy, and Bloomberg closing bell.

  8. Not that I designed but I did get a shirt with a custom design that was gifted to me by my nephew

  9. Yes. But I never used it. But not because I was bored of it. But my mom used to take me to Harvard’s Planetarium and observatory. She had free access. So after school she would take me there and I’d hog the Hubble replica to look into the sky.

  10. I want my mommy to stop cooking..she makes a freaking mess and I have to clean up after her

  11. I’d say, no I have another 60 years to live…and you’re going to make sure I live out 60 more years. I want to make a century and get my well earned hospice care when I’m about to go.

  12. Lollll holy shit! I seriously cracked up there. Was that cereal made in China?

  13. No, Garlic is the work of Satan........Onions are great with everything !

  14. Dimple.....the point being, I had no idea you were being "serious". If you read what I wrote, after you left, I explained it. For Christs sake, I wasn't attacking you, ,........everyone JOKES, everyone rips on each other, and I make one damn joke, and you leave the group? I never HEARD of "Bullyville"...... I thought that was a JOKEEEEEE. ***a JOKE.*** Jess and I had recently been discussing what /s means on the internet. I had no clue.......so it was the FIRST goddamn time I ever tried to use it.......even said as much to Jess..-....asking her if I used it right. Apparently NOT. I thought it was suppose to symbolize you were JOKING.....not meant to be taken SERIOUSLY. Your comment just struck me as FUNNY, that's all.............like, "Have I tried reporting them?"....... Like, no, I have never tried reporting my stalkers, over 14 YEARS.....because I am an idiot ! I was JOKINGGGGGGGGG. I'm sorry you thought for one second I was being serious or trying to INSULT you. Really? Come on now. I know we all read too fast sometimes, and guilty myself, I am sure..........as I had no idea you were being serious, and there really is some site called "Bullyville". What I didn't like was Joe jumping in, and claiming you specifically left the site because of ME, with zero proof of that........when I am sure we could have worked it out in 5 seconds flat. I asked to see exactly what you said to him, and he flat out refused, which I considered to be just more shenanigans. If that's true or not, I would appreciate knowing. Thank you.

  15. Dimple, I don't know what great "contributions" you think anyone else, includng me, is making. It's just chatting, and horsing around. If you wish to leave, that's your decision, but please don't let it be because of one poor joke, that you took as some sort of attack. I have ZERO reason to "attack" you, and never would. If the group isn't for you, fine, I can respect that. But personally, I hope you return or at least pop in once in a while. Thank you for replying, and have a good day.

  16. Your deduction is correct! He's extremely sweet as well.

  17. I’m not sure. I think I would… but I doubt people take anything I say seriously. Even when I’m serious, no one takes anything I say seriously.

  18. No. Sometimes they are handicapped people and it’s completely legal if they have a person that they are transporting that requires a wheelchair.

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