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  1. If IK only manages to install a system which will prevent army from interfering and may be perhaps also make the institutions stronger so then there can be checks and balances in the system. I know I wish too much, I dare to dream.

  2. He can't unless the Army wants it. And army like everyone else doesn't like to let go of power

  3. Let’s not normalise lecherous behaviour. Also a well educated, economically independent woman letting her husband go about his day talking to other women like they should be available to his childish whims is beyond me. Don’t give an eff how affluent one is or thinks they are self respect should be a thing.

  4. A well educated, economically independent woman might be in an open marriage. She might be a part of a Swinger's club. Or she might be getting exploited. Can't judge until she speaks out.

  5. How about burning a book that says to kill non believers This will be the first step towards hate reduction

  6. Sankrit is ancient language... man... obviously translation might change the meaning of it.... just like "33koti" became "33 crore" may be ved vyas tried to refer it as milk..(just like u said china refers it as silver which is also white... & bones are also white. It's human nature to refer things with other things)& translation changed whole meaning... so don't take veda just literally.. use your intellect...

  7. Heard exactly the same thing about Quran and Bible. All bs. They had the knowledge to create nuclear weapons but they'd obfuscate the hell out of every word? What does "seven" in "seven seas of milk" mean btw?

  8. Imagine someone after 7000 years from today.. because of evolution they use totally different language then us... now someone found a scientist's lab... & they found a line " our galaxy is a milky way"... now it's after 7000 years. They will not understand that it's not just a word... they will actually imagine a road made of milk .. bro..

  9. "Our galaxy is a milky way" is a grammatically and factually wrong statement. "Our galaxy is called Milky Way" would be right.

  10. After I checked your profile I understand her

  11. I had guessed that he was flexing his dick in the pic but holy shit. That's a pornstar dick.

  12. Theres two angles to this. India can make cricket just for themselves and can be happy that Indians watched Indian cricket and made some Indians rich. Wow amazing BCCI and IPL are so good and out of this world because it made Indians rich.

  13. W take. But I think cricket has already moved way down this tunnel. It's mostly Pak and India that REALLY care about it.

  14. My opinion was mine and I didn't put it out thinking if anyone would come and fight with me as such, later on I just had a thought that it might cause any stir, since it did, like it brought you here so yeah. Standing on what lol he sounded like a pervert when he said that was just a simple opinion lol he is not Kareena's husband in the first place to compare them both and I didn't ask your opinion either on this to fight with, I don't even know you in the first place. You can call me a chicken because I love chicken,it tastes yum unlike your comments which are boring.

  15. Whom am I to protect anyone lol i don't possess any powers as such and neither do i think so great of my opinions like you do here lol it was just a comment that i made. You came all by yourself lol I didn't even take up ur name. There is nothing to defend here.

  16. I stand by what I said. I clearly outlined why it's wrong and how it can get problematic. If you choose not to make sense of it then that's on you. Simply calling me stupid won't win you arguements. My comment has about a 100 upvotes. People do resonate with what I'm saying. It's not coming out of nowhere.

  17. And I countered every one of those valid scenarios. You prolly don't even know that North and South Indians are the same race, just different ethnicities.

  18. Again a stupid comment, Indians are mostly Caucasoid. Search it up. If I knew you were this off on these basic stuff, I wouldn't have indulged tbh.

  19. Lol what? American English hasn’t even been around for.400 years yet. Literally every modern language changes. Compare 400 year old French to modern French, that is just how languages work

  20. If language changes so fast then why would you even use "original version" for British English?

  21. I never in my point mentioned that she's done some fantastic roles😂😂 I'm just saying whatever her acting chops are...her beauty is 100x than that. Kriti, shradha and tamanah are probably the most beautiful in Bollywood

  22. Brad Pit or young Leo were heart throbs but were still praised for their acting chops. Lame excuse

  23. SMH, please live in your la la land brother/sister. Jab Baby ho jayega tumhe to mujhe batana how you find ways to remain sane with work, baby, & sleepless nights.

  24. I hope I never bend over backwards so bad for fanboying someone. Pathetic!

  25. Not a Ranbir Fan. Only BW guy I could support is Ajay Devgan & that's also only because I earn money by selling Amul Garments.

  26. The first 3 hits are shown at 00:1. The last scene is a continuation of that. The protagonist hitting people is shown at a different frame rate while goons taking the hit fall at a different frame rate. Pretty common cinematic trope, prominent in Kung fu flicks and (in a way) in anime as well.

  27. It sounds to me that Sarah has had bad experiences with other people not paying her. I know hardworking teens who have gone unpaid because they didn’t know how to negotiate or set boundaries and ended up feeling foolish afterwards, especially when it came to helping relatives. I’m not saying that you wouldn’t have paid her, but she had no way of knowing without asking you.

  28. One has to be severely traumatised to act that way in an emergency. Most 17 yo won't even think of getting paid.

  29. Strange how OP won’t take issue with everyone who wouldn’t even respond and isn’t going around to all of them telling them how they’ve hurt OP just like they’re doing to their niece.

  30. Bcoz the niece is the ONLY one who knew OP was in an emergency. Isn't that obvious?

  31. Himself, probably nobody told him he looked good as he was

  32. We need to stop comparing ourselves to India since they are in another stratosphere.

  33. Why so? I can easily re-imagine an alternate history where we are a small state Singapore like economy while India grapples with abject poverty. Our leaders never had the intent to make as a progressive economic hub. We might have missed out that train but it doesn't mean we can never catch up. Ofc, the current state of things don't garner hope in me either

  34. The word "wish" has been used nowhere in there. I'm just saying that an alternate history is pretty easy to imagine. India already does grapple with abject poverty.

  35. sports is a LUXURY that YOU should attend to once you have sorted out the NECESSITIES.

  36. All the TV programs and other recreational activities shouldn't be indulged in as well?

  37. You watch tv programs when you are free, you be free to see a match, genius

  38. A 100 % dumbo. They announce the important matches like a month in advance. A lot of the important matches are on Sunday. And you can always watch a rerun. Without Netflix you couldn't time your favourite programs either.

  39. Kyon, real main pradarshan chahiye aapko? Sub ke rules hain, varna de deti.

  40. Nahi nahi asli badass toh aap hain, maharaj. Kripye spoiler bhi hataa dijiye, itne daring aur witty hain. Ass.

  41. It was dust from descending the building's wall, he acted like it was poop so the ACP dudette won't suspect.

  42. There was real bird poop on the car's side view mirror behind which he was hiding. He deliberately rubbed it on his shoulder so he could act like he needed the paper to clean it up.

  43. Question: what's the difference between calling the first scene "Easter Egg" and calling it "blatantly copied" from Baazigar?

  44. The easter egg one is done with an intent that viewers would and should notice

  45. And by this you mean SA and Iran since those are the only Islamic countries on the planet

  46. There are 26 countries with state religion Islam including mine but I don't think we are that far behind India in terms of women's rights as he claims

  47. For the psychological reasons - Yes. Prolly kids in their 30s don't have much power difference from their parents and can indulge in incest safely :)

  48. For a comprehensive national overhaul, you will need to start at the grassroots level. You're going to need to get as many kids (under the age of 15) as possible to start playing in yards, street, alleys, etc as often as they possibly can. It has to become a passion for them. If they have free time, they need to be playing. They probably need some kind of access to watch the game to see how it's played at a high level. You will need a local league and a way to get kids/players noticed by larger leagues to get better training and play against better competition. Eventually, you may get closer to where you want to be.

  49. Hmm. How costly would it be to hire coaches who have seen elite players play? I'm talking about the cheapest ones

  50. I don't know how much it costs, but it's not unheard of for some coaches to go to smaller nations (Guus Hiddink/Curacao, Thomas Rongen/American Samoa, etc).

  51. Lol I'm thinking that some old British Pakistani who had almost made it to the team would be our best bet

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