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  1. No. I’m just sad they are gonna start winning 4 in a row to kill our draft.

  2. This guy gets it . All QBs suck this year

  3. Along with judge and whole staff hopefully

  4. Hate to burst your bubble but if we’re that high we’re taking a qb my man

  5. Wow Toney such a game changer everyone saying in preseason lol

  6. Press could help stop em getting free release

  7. Only team Jones can beat and already down to backup

  8. They got 0 respect for our Def with 4th down conversions

  9. No good QBs this draft wrong year to pick one

  10. Start the “Tank for Thibedaux !!! “

  11. How bout them Cowgirls??? 😂😂😂

  12. You accept all risks in a philosophical way, that does not mean you have to be indifferent when the consequences inevitably occur. Consenting to sex should not be the same as consenting to being a parent, and even then it’s a greatly one sided debate, since the woman has to physically carry the child.

  13. Consequences are the results so every mistake you made you just use a big eraser and make it not have happened ?

  14. Right, but nobody has a right to your body.

  15. So your body right allows you to kill another living being ? Do you not get the consequences of your actions ? Just be happy your mom didn’t think that she wanted her body rights over your life

  16. You mean after correcting his own first half mistakes and putting in players who should have started ??

  17. I just gotta say, Ari fucking sucks. It pains me that she’s a representative of the great state of New Jersey.

  18. Yep her and Jersey Shore killing NJ rep

  19. People really think they are the same 🤦‍♂️

  20. Just wrong hill to die on with double standards when they aren’t even close to compare .

  21. Yes-they were in separate beds/rooms.

  22. Idk talking about seen plenty of conversations not in English on the show when partner isn’t there. Just had long conversation in Russian on recent ToW episode with Mom, Grandma and Russian partner with zero English about going to Turkey and how Mormons are a cult ..

  23. Yeah just comeback to this post when you on current season

  24. Face mask reminds me of Shredder from ninja turtles movies…

  25. His face mask was always so sick. Dude looked like a fucking killer at the line

  26. Best face plate ever needs to be retired

  27. We added veterans who retired before camp even finished. They went in with the intention of addressing depth, and 2 of the pieces they expected to anchor that depth retired.

  28. The problem is they went with veterans who probably weren't even going to make the team.

  29. Think it’s DG panicking since he sat on his hands during FA and draft sticking with his BS line “ OL be better cause it’s year 2 for them together”.. Now he realizes they still suck and he gotta do something because of OL sucks again we go under .500 DG ass is gone. Just hope they keep his fat grubby hands off of any future 1st thru 3rds as he might make panic trade during season not caring about future if he fired ..

  30. Funny how Gettelman sat on his ass thru free agency and the draft with the OL is fine they will all grow great 2nd year together then he’s wheeling and dealing in preseason giving the OL less time to gel . Has he finally admitted his line sucked and needed the trades ?

  31. How many of the 11 draft picks we had next year do you think would have made the 53?

  32. How many of the players we used picks to acquire would have been cut not making their teams 53 and thereby saving us picks as we could sign em as free agents?

  33. Can’t wait til these hamstrings gonna be a problem all season long . Seems any fast WRs with hamstring issues in the NFL always got that “lingering” attached to injury and always comes back during the season ☠️

  34. Love dexter only cause I’m a notre dame fan. Haven’t kept up with him because he was behind Jones, Williams, and that dude they drafted in the second round. I think he had a couple runs last year but I’m not sure

  35. Forgot about him after ND. Surprised he never got a decent shot stuck on depth chart at GB . Could be decent loved him at ND

  36. Shouldn't "including" actually be "as well as"? It got me confused wondering why he would include the pre-season NFL sacks to his college total.

  37. Don’t think Mike wants to be dragged into the show ??

  38. Ignorant comment here. I hate this family and I skip their scenes. How can everyone tell Charlie was/is high?

  39. Yeah funny they all turned into fucking CSI overnight it’s annoying as fuck

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