1. I kind of want the too faced palette just because it's one of the ones I dnt have but I don't know if I'm willing to blow $60 for a chance to get it when I CLD go to tj maxx and probably find it for $19.99 😭

  2. Got mine for 25.00 too faced has sales and ulta and sephora usually have a too faced palette in their beauty days sales

  3. I already have 2 peach palettes one in use and one as a back up . Got mine in the half off sale so I won't be getting it. But awesome to finally see a too faced palette

  4. Always. And it's always the stuff they don't spoil that I love the most

  5. Same! Like last month for me it was the Glam Glow mask. I was so siked to see it in choice. Hopefully we get awesome products for choice tomorrow. 🤞

  6. I got that too lol . Haven't tried it yet but it was definitely a nice choice.

  7. Seriously thought that said “Clam Life” for a second

  8. Glambag 1.tween.ty tightening cream 2.lottie London power foil in golden hour 3.sleeke sile repair hair serum 4.glow on the 5th headband 5.ciate London eyeliner in gold

  9. Plus 1.glamglow youthful 2.full Ritalin lip balm you caffeine eye cream 4.natasha denona cupid cheek duo 5.clarity lactic acid solution

  10. Mattes with a brush. shimmers with finger and then I use a brush to fill in the shimmers wherever my finger couldn't get

  11. Mine finally got accepted today by dhl. Hope yours did too.

  12. Booo. I’m hoping by some miracle it just shows up on your doorstep tomorrow!

  13. Took ten days but my plus is finally moving. Says it'll be delivered on my birthday.

  14. Mine has finally updated also. It’s 50 miles from my house and is going to take another 10 days to be delivered. 😳 Thanks DHL!

  15. Eh think I'm still gonna go with the regular bag to get my redeemed hip dot palette. Not appealing this month to me. I'd pretty much just use the brushes

  16. Also when I was making this post I tried to include a second photo with the blush and highlighters open, but it wld only let me post one pic for some odd reason 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Got the email that it supposedly shipped on the 7th. Still sitting nothing. So we only have 14 days from the time it supposedly shipped to get a replacement. So when to contact ipsy?

  18. Yikes, that's rough. Their packaging aesthetic is always so appealing to me, but eyeshadow just isn't their thing apparently. I do like a cool toned blush and a face palette I have from them, so I'll stick to those kinds of products lol

  19. I got so spoiled with BH Cosmetics' formula for cheap (very specific collections) that I am so hard to please nowadays lol

  20. My favorite isn't exactly cheap until I get them in those beauty day deals. But my too faced Palettes never fail to give me great payoff with very little effort.

  21. I fought with the regular log in for 2 hours on my android soo irritating. I was trying to purchase something 🤦‍♀️ Seems fixed now

  22. Nice. Hope it's correct for you. I have 2 add ons and 3 point items so mine is also probably gonna take forever lol what did you end up getting in your bag?

  23. Your one of lucky few that got the ofra palette they stuck most of us with a no known brand magnetic lip balm lol

  24. Brush holder with a lid?! Am I seeing that right? I need that. Will save so much time picking dog hair off my brushes and face🫠

  25. Yes . They have them alot of places but Amazon has the best deals. Dog hair and any gems or dust flying around.

  26. Nope not that I seen. Also the big ofra palette wasn't in add ons either

  27. Ipsy: Get excited! Me: ....but I have exfoliants set to rarely and the lip balm is not exciting. Ipsy: You just built your perfect bag! Me: I feel like I picked the least worse options. Some of these products should be under GB or are refreshments. Ipsy: Your bag is worth $222! Me: Well... I mean... I guess that is an amazing deal. Maybe I should be happy. Is it me, am I expecting to much...

  28. Honestly I think all of us picked the least worst items this month lol. I feel your disappointment. I've been paused for 3 months came back for my birthday Month and some of spoliers even for add ons weren't there at 7am.i got the dreaded lip balm too the best part of my bag natasha denona and my add ons.

  29. Yeah I couldn't even find the brand of the "magnetic lip balm" anywhere. 🤔

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