1. You'll miss that time with your kids more than you'll miss the 5k or so difference. That bonus is probably going to go straight into vehicle maintenance and fuel.

  2. I agree. I have a job now where I only do wfh 2/3 days a week. As opposed to my last job where I had my ass at a desk from 8-5 5 days a week and that time with the kids is just invaluable

  3. Most young players won't be "superstars". For every Giannis, and Luka there's 10 really good young players who never become elite-elite.

  4. Like. Even in 5 years the only guarantees I see are Jokic, Giannis, Luka, and maybe Tatum, when it comes to guarantees.

  5. Agreed. I also think Maverick will drop <10% next weekend because of July 4th, maybe even increase

  6. Oh 4th or July, folks will love to see it then. If you told me a top gun sequel would end up making $1.2 billion, that’s absolutely wild. I’m glad for the movie industry though. Top gun, Jurassic world, NWH, MoM, Avatar, Thor, etc are bringing the box office back

  7. At least this season will be watchable, if only we played the Browns.

  8. Lockett and Metcalf, am I crazy in thinking baker would be good? Like he threw 26 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in 2020 in a run heavy offense and was injured this year. Also he’s just 26.

  9. Unless he is willing to take the taxpayer MLE, he is probably out of their price range

  10. D Book is the most overrated Most underrated is PG or KAT

  11. People acting like Devin Booker is actually a top 5 player in the league

  12. When athletes have bodybuilder-esque capped delts like this without actually training them you know they have 1-in-a-million genetics. This kid is an absolute mutant, natural testosterone level of 10,000 lol

  13. Zion absolutely broke the scale, but every few years a guy seems to come along that shouldn’t be able to be that strong, big, and fast. Zion, LeBron, Shaq, and David robinson are the best modern examples imo.

  14. Dwight Howard too. Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone have bigger shoulder caps when he was young

  15. Yes definitely. I was trying to think if there was anyone between LeBron and Zion

  16. Loose balls is about the ABA and is great, some incredible stories. Chris herring just wrote a great book about the 90’s Knicks called blood in the garden

  17. This has gotta be the exception though. It has the atmosphere of a home game because there’s nearly 50k fans of each team there pumped up with 100 years of tradition.

  18. Oh yeah I’m not advocating for it. Neutral sites are almost entirely money grabs

  19. Following a narrative like on TV or in a book would require understanding or valuing other people's viewpoints, goals, and emotions, something Homelander struggles with. The Deep, despite being a moron and a predator, still enjoys the personalities of his undersea friends. To paraphrase Edgar, Homelander's such a gaping maw of narcissistic need that anything that isn't feeding that hunger in him (adulation, respect, fear) is a waste of time to him.

  20. Yep. Most every other of the 7 (besides Noir I guess?) seem to care about people (or fish) in their life. Maeve cares for eve, deep for his aquatic friends, A train for his brother and community, Starlight obviously for her mom and Hughie

  21. Am I insane in thinking that the arrival of wood for nothing, hardaway back healthy and Dinwiddie setting in makes this not a big deal?

  22. A trade with Phoenix. Bridges, Cam Johnson, potentially Ayton and 2-4 picks (probably not realistic but hey). All of those pieces can either be developed or traded at a later point to recoup picks

  23. Oh this is actually realistic. Nets get their rebuild, Suns get last couple years of CP3, Booker, KD and depth

  24. We have 18 days PTO when you’re hired (bumped to 23 after 5 years) and we have the week between Christmas and new years off. So, 18 days, plus those 4, ends up being 22.

  25. Our team needs some defense, not more offense. Plus I don’t think the Hornets take that deal.

  26. Yeah, I think something can certainly come around free agent time, maybe McGee or Bamba. Either would be a great 20 mpg center for defense

  27. I always assumed it's because Kevin has a PhD and Holt doesn't think people are respectful of his degree.

  28. I don’t think it’s necessarily obvious, but I always thought that was a pretty reasonable assumption to make

  29. if kyrie acts human for just one year we would probably win the chip. bertans, powell, THJ should be enough to match

  30. Yeah that was a whole different level of frustration. We were so overmatched by the lakers that year. But the Blazers blew the WCF in pretty dramatic fashion, and I think we would’ve beaten them in the finals. 🥵

  31. It’s tough because the west rose right as the east was falling. Bulls sucked, Orlando faded, Reggie and Ewing were past their primes, grant hill got injured

  32. Who were the 5, im blanking, I assume Kobe, Duncan, Shaq are 3 of the 5.

  33. Yeah, there are 12 teams that would be disappointments if they missed the playoffs in the West. Unless there are mass injuries again, it will be a bloodbath.

  34. Not sure I’ve ever seen a trade exception used so well, most expire. Nice job Portland

  35. With Thor, Dr. strange, The Batman, Mission Impossible, Avatar, Top Gun, Jurassic World, and NWH, theaters finally feel like they’re going back to normal.

  36. fat turd with a horrendous beard

  37. The dude just wrote that the Knicks are interested (from woj) and then just listed what a max contract is lol

  38. Makes sense, really our only plus defenders that play a lot of minutes are Reggie, Dorian and Maxi. He is one of the most versatile defenders in the league.

  39. He’s honestly one of the better guys at guarding dudes like Zion and Giannis I’ve seen, and that matters!

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