Floridian Hillbilly breakup gone wrong

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  1. But does CMC do yoga? After all, yoga and dancing are what made Arian Foster elite

  2. You failed to consider the possibility that a single person could commit multiple “killings,” which would, by definition, be a serial killer.

  3. I got into this argument once on another subreddit. The other party argued that because only a small percentage of solved murders were committed by serial murderers, unsolved murders would represent the same percentage of serial murderers vs one offs, but IMHO you are more likely to get away with murder if your victim is not someone connected to you, so it makes complete sense for a more significant percentage of unsolved murders to be committed by a serial murderer than solved murders. Furthermore, if you get away with murder the first time, isn't that likely to embolden a sociopath to repeat the offense? I definitely think the percentage of repeat offenders is higher amongst unsolved murders than solved ones, but I can only speculate how much higher.

  4. I completely agree with everything you said! Despite me agreeing whole-heartedly with your logic, there’s no way to quantify our inference—due to the fact that we’ve based our opinion on unsolved murders.

  5. West Point issued 2 million of each design of quarter in 2019&2020. Making them pretty rare seeing as over a billion other quarters we’re made. A privy mintmark signals a change in how a coin was made. The privy is the v75 on this one,

  6. Obviously fake in an attempt to paint an uneducated Christian in bad light.

  7. Googled his name since she said his full name and was not disappointed, he was arrested in 2018 for bringing an alligator for a beer run while drunk. He needs a YouTube channel

  8. https://twitter.com/ryannelsontv/status/1023428715647250433?s=21&t=uCKWG6pvN9AdP_moW1Segg

  9. They’re not on meth they’re just hillbillies. And actually based on what we witnessed, they’re the good kind. When the bad kind fights there’s no laughing at all just lots of blood and cops

  10. Exactly, they just don’t have money, like their parents before them.

  11. PSA: Don’t take your fucking dog out in public if it can’t behave

  12. Plus, we won’t sensor posts just because people may have differences in opinions. It’s literally why we made this sub—due to the other Mississippi sub banning people for expressing their own opinions

  13. I’m so sorry. The sub was being inundated with awful posts by one guy. He kept changing usernames and I kept banning and reporting him. So, a karma and account age requirement to post and comment was started to keep him out. A mod will always approve anything of yours. Again, I apologize for the delay.

  14. What are some questions you’d ask to ensure you’re not going to end up working with lots of people who are problematic? My firm is small, and I have a lot of independent responsibility so I can disappear for a day to go off on a site visit for a new construction project that’s gotten stalled due to architect or municipal red tape for a corporate client, be off 2 hours away doing a motion hearing or dealing with depos, having a trial, doing pro bono, taking a client to lunch, or anything really and nobody will wonder much where I am and I don’t have to do a good deal of collaboration with colleagues. I kind of like that part actually. I don’t abuse it though. If I’m gone I’m actually working. I doubt I’d get that much responsibility and trust at a larger firm, and I’m sure I’d have to work with more people to collaborate on things, meaning I guess it’s more important we actually get along. What sorts of red flags do you notice at interview stage that show you that firm isn’t the right environment to be in?

  15. Personally, when making my move, I asked a lot of the partners and senior associates what they did outside of work. After hearing several of the partners were their children’s baseball/softball coaches for little league, I knew they cared about spending time with family and had enough time to have a life outside of work. If they didn’t have an answer for what they loved outside of work, I knew they were working too much

  16. It’s bots. They copy or reword existing comments to gain enough karma to be able to post scams in subs that require a minimum amount of karma to post there. If you look at their profiles, it’s usually relatively new accounts with no posting history.

  17. Probably bots. They copy or reword comments on threads in order to gain enough karma to start pushing Google’s agenda. If you look at their profiles, they are usually recently created accounts with very few posts of substance.

  18. So you wouldn't take Moore or Dotson earlier than 10. May I ask who those first 9 are? I'll assuming Hall, Walker, London, Burks, Wilson, Williams, Olave, Cook but that's 8 (and Cook is a bold assumption). Who else is definitely above Moore and Dotson for you?

  19. Well, probably 9, and I was generally speaking with superflex. Pickett has to be included in there.

  20. Does anyone know the actual OP, the one who filmed this? As well as the state in which they live? Would love to settle this dispute pro bono and shut that neighbor up.

  21. I mean it is, by definition, a drug. So is caffeine

  22. I took Drake London at 1.02 based on the consensus. However, I believe both G. Wilson and Olave are better players. Might be kicking myself in a few months.

  23. Lol this doesnt work the same when you type it bro

  24. Haha that’s what makes it funny. Maybe that’s just my sense of humor?

  25. Yep have a cousin who has a neighbor that owned a lot of cows, bragged that he was an expert when all he does is hire hired help to clean, feed, and take care of them.

  26. Doubt he “let them go” due to covid. They likely all saw an opportunity to get on unemployment. That’s exactly what happened in my area

  27. Blood vessles. They've bleed before when I had them on my feet. It's only called seeds because of how they look.

  28. Ahhh, never knew that. Weird because I pulled out all of my “seeds” when I was a kid and the wart disappeared.

  29. Congratulations! Now that you’ve constructed a sentence with correct grammar, perhaps you should focus next on reading comprehension to determine when someone’s dialogue is aggressive or not. Doing so might prevent you from futile efforts, such as raising the aggression level in a sub-thread without adequate provocation.

  30. Imagine having such a shitty life that you have to play the victim and report people online when they have an opinion different than yours. You’re a sad sad man.

  31. I know Ole Miss isn’t WRU, but they are deserving of being on the list

  32. DK - AJB - Elijah Moore - Laquon Treadwell - Donte Moncrief

  33. The auburn injury ruined Treadwell’s career. Truly think he would’ve been good had it not been for that injury

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