1. I honestly think the one you're on is a great board and there's no need to change anything. Why do you want a new board?

  2. Let's take that at face value and assume it's true. I revise my earlier question:

  3. How many of those 19,000 are a result of people carrying illegally?

  4. I don't know what your point is. I've read your comments and you don't seem to make one. My suggestion is pick a stance/solution up front so people can have a chance to debate you. You seem to feel less guns is better, or no guns is best. I have no real idea where you stand. As a result, there's nothing I can offer to either agree or disagree with you.

  5. I’m going to hike Mount Washington tomorrow. Gonna park at Pinkham Notch and be hiking by 4am. Should summit by noon or so. I’ll bring an extra thermos of hot cocoa. Be there or be square.

  6. I'd suggest Facebook Marketplace if you have a car. It's always better to see stuff in person and negotiate them down for a better deal.

  7. Presumably the same things need to be looked for wherever a 2nd hand board comes from?

  8. For a newer rider, I'd suggest a board that has a camber profile and ideally less than 5 years old. I'd pass on anything much older than that. Obviously, it should be in acceptable condition by looking at it. That's about it.

  9. I’m not a gun expert but won’t all of those bullets come down into populated areas? Do people die all the time from stray bullets?

  10. Yes, this is a stupid thing to do. Don't even get me started on tinnitus. Fuck ALL of this scene.

  11. KTM 350exc. I know it's not on your list, but that's my suggestion.

  12. Buy new boots, don't skimp. You'll likely spend arond $300-$350, but stuff is starting to go on sale. Proper fit is more important than saving money.

  13. that was the plan but i wasn’t sure if it was smart to put a lot of money into one thing but i agree shoes should be on top. should i consider an expensive helmet as well? or are they all generally built the same

  14. Most helmets are about $100 new. If you can find a used one that is less than 5 years old and not beat up, you can prob get it for like $20. Id have no issue with a used one.

  15. This is one of the best OG bikes for a supermoto conversion before they started selling supermotos from the factory. The motors are beasts and are made for many many miles.

  16. How's that compare to CTS-204P ? I have a blade in 204P and it's pretty amazing.

  17. CTS-204P (Carpenter) = M390 (Böhler-Uddeholm) = CPM-20CV (Crucible) are compositionally (same alloy metals in the same ratios) and functionally (same corrosion-resistance, achievable hardness, toughness, edge-retention, and edge-stability, etc.) identical steels—differing only in which manufacturer’s proprietary powder metallurgy process each underwent. Hell, some custom/mid-tech makers such as Hinderer (just the first one that comes to mind) use the three interchangeably, and will sometimes list all three with an asterisked or parenthetical note explaining that this is based solely on availability. CTS-XHP, as opposed to being a “me too” answer to M390, was an attempt by metallurgists at Carpenter to take all/as-many-as-possible of the desirable traits of arguably the two most influential/popular “high-end” blade steels of the 21st-century, exemplars of the “stainless” and “tool” steel designations, respectively: 440C and D2 (neither of which was actually designed with blade making in mind), and create a purpose-built cutlery steel. Here is a much more thorough, expert (but still accesible to laypeople with a modicum of knife-related knowledge) explanation of the development and properties of XHP, if you’re anything like me, there’s nothing quite like a unique innovation with an interesting backstory:

  18. It's a nice knife, but the clip placement (super high carry) and pocket hogging handle (tall and long both, but it is thin) made me never carry mine.

  19. I like the standard Manix 2 too much to carry its larger cousin.

  20. Well, it wasn't rape or battery. It's was exposure, and he freely admits what he did and apologizes for it. I can support someone that admits what they did if they work to correct it.

  21. Start with the 55/45 but transition that weight to the back leg throughout the turn. Slightly more weight should be on the back leg at the end of the turn. A few pro boarders on the bombhole podcast said that carving is all about initiating turns with that front foot, and that they focus on locking it in with weight on the back foot. So take that how you will.

  22. Yup. If you do it right, you'll load up the board's edge and tail so well that it'll literally pop you out of a turn and you can actually get an instant of air under the board just as you exit.

  23. Cause I was looking on fb marketplace but all I found was really old equipment do you have a site that I can look at now to find a good “deal” or price?

  24. It's about negotiation. Their asking price is only the starting point of a negotiation. The better you are at it, the better the deals you can end up with.

  25. This guys is now a lot more likely to get one of those guns taken from him and shot with his own gun.

  26. Y the downvotes? I agree. Imagine waiting in line at Starbucks talking to the cash n the dude behind u grabs a gun from ur holster & shoots you. U grab one gun out to defend urself but u still got two more for someone else to take while ur shooting. He’s not wrong But unlikely they will take it off u while ur shooting however if u let ur guard down u taking a risk

  27. It's the same way you don't wear your nice jewelry, watches and knives some places. You simply make yourself more of a target. For a lot of people , those guns are something they want and will absolutely try to take from you. I'm sure the guy thinks he can handle it, but what if there's two other guys, or three? Odds start stacking up against you really quick.

  28. I’m finding this slow and hard to get involved in. Should I keep going?

  29. Yes, it's intentional. That peaceful slow feeling will evolve over time. The game does it so well you don't even perceive the change.

  30. lol, they should start by actually improving the parking. It's actually so bad right now a large percentage of people pay private parties around $50 a month to park. Sometimes more.

  31. Parking has always been a problem at EB. Lots of people that live near there turned their backyards into paid lots. I was paying $25 a month to park in someone's back yard. Been like that for decades, back to the 70s.

  32. A that is true, but with the new expansion, it's beyond unacceptable.

  33. Have you owned it since new? You can do a LOT of grinding passes before it looks like that.

  34. It does seem to me that these left-exits are an attempt to wrangle a high-speed, controlled access highway into doing something that it really wasn't designed to do, in order to cater to a local interest.

  35. It's about cost. A more direct route is cheaper. This comes at a higher penalty to everything else though.

  36. I use a shell layer for rain protection. That way, I usually travel with a mesh jacket from Klim, and if it gets gold or rainy, I put the shell layer on. It packs small and works very well.

  37. Haven't split the case yet, but the kick start slips and the gears are toast.

  38. https://www.revzilla.com/oem/honda/1993-honda-xr200r/kick-start-spindle-86-93?submodel=xr200ra

  39. Nah, edges will continue to chip. Touch it up with paint if it bothers you.

  40. You don't need a big place, just a good learners area. What area of the country are you going to?

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