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  1. Al principio del vídeo muestra una conversación de WhatsApp después es una toma de sexo oral y cowgirl y al final un poco de doggiestyle

  2. My favourite movie its Iron Man, Ive never seen that before but recently i watched it with my gf and i loved it

  3. Did you have the sauce please ?

  4. The link is the sauce LoL. Mb for the late response g

  5. Thanks, but there is no longer version of that video ?

  6. Sorry for the late response again, I’ve tried looking but there isn’t a longer video

  7. Well really, there’s nothing that steam can do in regards of your situation. Gift cards themselves are pretty trick, seeing how you can’t get a refund on them. Now, if you tried peeling off the sticker and the entire code peeled off, I would be confused as steam gift cards imprint their codes onto, well, the card. My only guess is to see if the sticker has anything stuck to it. Get a knife or something sharp, yet thin, and try cutting the sticker off from the paper thingy? That is connected onto the sticker.

  8. I’ve noticed this too. I just narrowed it down to steam prioritizing the writing onto the disk rather than the download. It doesn’t last long, usually between 30 seconds to a minute depending on your drives write speed. It’s normal.

  9. He had a deadly weapon and fired it at the cops, so what? That’s your mentality?

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