1. Is it though? Eula’s biggest issue is her crit rate, because if that burst doesn’t crit then her damage falls clear off the map. I would have hoped for a crit rate buff instead of crit damage.

  2. I mean obviously? That doesn’t change the fact that her burst not critting is an enormous damage loss. Unless you’re running 100% crit rate on her that will be an issue.

  3. if your an endgame player u should have a good enough crit ratio with mika u can sacrifice some crit damage for crit rate to make it more comfortable it doesnt crit u can always retry the floor but if it does crit it will be much easier clearing the floor

  4. The therians are the ones who believe that they're actually a (fox, dog, cat, wolf, dragon) and wear prosthetic tails or ears or both.

  5. Touring light show. It’s boring and I get it every single day

  6. Found out you need to be AR 32 in order to get the TCG tutorial quest. Just started so quite a ways away from that but oh well

  7. Hiding the dice itself aint the issue.

  8. I must stay strong for 3.5 but that second is tempting me fr.

  9. Ë Æ Ç Œ Ø I dont know how to do the others :(

  10. Is it untrue to say that an IQ level of 185 is fairly low for a genius?

  11. Name a better duo than: a meme getting popular on reddit and people complaining about the meme being popular.

  12. Being raped and being falsely occused of rape are not in any way equivalent. Both are crimes and certainly damaging but they aren't equivalent.

  13. Both can change your life negativity,but unless u get proved innocent u will get support from basically no one, not saying it is worse but

  14. I meant talent books, i aint even gonna touch the artifact rng bullshit

  15. Idk why you are being downvoted. I have c0 ganyu and I'm doing over 100k charge shot with this team.

  16. Bro abyss is easy no matter who you use essentially so this isnt really a good point. Ganyu is an ok nuke but there are teams w way more dps

  17. Well, she's only gaining a nett increase of 4% from that. Much less than expected.

  18. What’s the point, nothing even survives up to the burst.

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