1. Sativas and indicas are genetic... not names give. based off of effects produced... i think maybe you should read about weed before you tout your knowledge to people who actually know about the plant.... Cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis are all your main ones. Sativas grow tall and lanky and are usually found in warmer climates. Cannabis indica is bushier and generally shorter than Sativas due to being in cooler climates that are more seasonal than around the equator... and then cannabis ruderalis is usually found in areas that relieve little daylight and thus allow for the plant to be autoflowering, or able to flower independent from a light cycle. It's all about the genetics of how the plant grows and responds to its environment, and not the amount the thc, cbd, or terpes that are produced....

  2. Anything by Jeremy Soule is absolutely amazing when you're outdoors!! (He's the guy that does the music for oblivion and skyrim 😊) I'll play music outloud on my small jbl clip 4 that clips to my pack, but mainly when i feel nobody is around to be bothered by it. But if someone happens to pass me while I'm pretending to be the dragonborn and has a problem with my music, then i hope someone steals their sweet roll... πŸ˜…

  3. No it's crystallized because of it being all natural

  4. I've always thought of how hard it must be on those with Parkinsons to get something open... almost mandatory to have a caregiver..

  5. Is weed bad where you are? Or is it okay? Are you okay with it? Because if it's okay, marijuana helps a LOT with IBS, chrons, and all sorts of ailments.

  6. Also bear in mind that some are adjustable so that they may be shortened for stability going up hills and lengthened to go down hills which makes them more efficient for tackling inclines than non adjustable poles.

  7. Whats average street price? Its $50 for 3.5...ooo ok lets give the "medical patients" less and charge more. MUHAHA I'M GREEDY! I hope they dont catch wind that they can go to michigan and get everything we offer and more at a much better quality for 75% cheaper. But thats against the law! You know those imaginary borders we make believe are there.

  8. Idk where u got ur weed from, but street price for an eighth is more like 40 bucks πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ there's no shortage in central ohio for sure.

  9. Little girl on the far front left pointing her gun right at her sisters dome. Smh.

  10. Why is it guns? Why not video games or violent movies and music? This shit gets normalized everywhere but guns are the problem? Da fuq? Take away guns and see how fast stabbings and blunt force deaths take off. Now we have a scissor and baseball bat problem... how about pay attention to your kids??? Idk... no expert or anything.

  11. Like 19 dead, with a knife would be impossible.

  12. I'm jujust sayin. It's not the guns. It's the lack of attention to mental illness in children and shitty parenting....

  13. It's sad that everyone has the same rebellious attitude... but can't get together and coordinate an effective movement.... we literally just sit here and bitch on fucking reddit instead of organizing something and doing shit about it... wanna know why? Because rebels tend to die for what they believe in so that the next generation may enjoy what they're fighting for now... we don't really care about our kids or their futures just like our parents didn't ours and theirs didn't theirs... until someone decides to organize and actually move or fight... ain't shit getting done. Your votes are meaningless. Your cries are fucking meaningless... wanna know what actually changes things? Blood and bodies... not bitching... everyone is too afraid to die and too afraid to actually kill. Nothing is gonna happen till we are all literally starving and ravenous and ready to EAT THE RICH!

  14. Looks great, but you should call her a she.... you won't get a anything good from a he unless it's pollen you're after.

  15. I second the rapid feeders. They have become my favorite feeder.

  16. Please, don't sand any more plastic... that's just awful for the environment.

  17. You'll never really get your first high back... until you eat the right dose of edibles... or use a Volcano vaporizer... only time I ever used a vaporizer and it made the room spin like I was drunk was from going a little too crazy with a Volcano...

  18. Ohio won't legalize weed or allow home grow and you expect mushrooms?

  19. Came here to say this.. I'm surprised ohio isn't a dry state with how lawmakers act...

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